Rubia’s FriendSHIP Giveaway

Rubia Garcia is our Miss ADC 2015 and she will be awarding ScholarSHIPS during our FriendSHIP week of love this February.  ADC has impacted her life and she wants to share that experience with you.

Share your story below on how ADC has changed your life or can change your life.
Full ScholarSHIPS and partial ScholarSHIPS will be awarded on Valentines Day!

How to participate: Enter your information in the form below.  Then, share your story with us in the comments section on this page–but be sure to INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME. The best stories win!

Rubia’s FriendSHIP Giveaway

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  • Rubia Garcia

    Can’t WAIT to read your stories!! 😍😍😍

    • Teena Apperson

      Lost the love of my life December 9, 2014. My husband of 25 years left this earth. Lost our home and car and my inspiration. Trying to get my life back on track. Can’t seem to snap out of this fog. Found Ms. Garcia and so grateful…good luck to everyone…blessings

      • Martha

        Wow, I sure hope you win💕 God Bless you!

    • Luz Ramganesh

      Hello I am a mother of two . I moved from NY to Fl to care for my disabled daughter . She is four years old and have Down syndrome. She is not verbal my husband and I do not feel comfortable leaving her at a sitter that’s why we made the move. The cost of living in NY is too expensive and we both had to work. I left my life in NY here in Florida I feel sad and depressed at times . Even thou I’m blessed with my beautiful family but I’m not in a happy place. I gave up everything when I moved here. I’m currently employed at walmart I work from 10pm to 7am get home get the kids ready for school sleep for a cpl of hrs and get up get my kids cook, clean, do homework , and put them to bed then off to work I go. I barley sleep with my kids appts and mommy duties . That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to do for my kids happiness 💙💛 this experience will be good for me would give me some me time would allow me to just dance my stress away 🎶🎵🙌🏻 . I love my kids I adore them I adore my Maritza I wouldn’t change anything about them but I still need a little me time . Below please find the link to my daughters page you will see our story

      Thank you for this opportunity
      Have a blessed day

    • Gabrielle Williams

      Wow I had no idea I would be sharing my story with everyone but I just wanted to say that regardless of winning the opportunity or not just opening up about my story has helped me in ways I never thought it could .So for those of you that also read my story above I hope you can be inspired if anything and know that life is defiantly what you make it ! Man this is amazing ! Thank you !

    • Cristina Greenberg

      I will love to attend, will be a dream come true , I’m a nurse for special needs people and work nights, have two daughters and I’m in abusive married that I’m saving money so I can divorce and move with my daughters to a better environment but is not easy have to save a lo to money and my older is in college so I have to keep praying one day be able to star a better life but for now this cruise will be a dream come true , a rainbow after the storm because I love salsa and be away enjoining dancing salsa all night be the best happen to me in a long time and I will keep in my most beautiful memories forever, hope can win with a friend that is caregiver too and single mom.

    • david rivera

      Life hits you me it was simple .Stay in the gangs in New York or die. Lost my first love and Daughter (whom I still search for). Joined Military and tried to improve my life. Met my second love ,lasted 32 years and the same old story of life hit me. One son ,wild as heck but doing well in L.A. Ca. . me tried my best to give it all to be a parent,husband and provider. But to tell you my heart sunk when we left Cali. Live in Kentucky. tried my best to fit in and the heart isn’t allowing me. Working hard and staying focused for my third son ,who was born with medical conditions, involving the esophagus . He’s a strong boy. Love them all . Going to stay put until he’s graduated and help him ,design clothes and start a Business. Me just keeping the faith going to church more and getting involved again. had to move a bunch due to family matters . Drugs are a pestulent to everyones lives

    • Patrick Chatman

      Hello I am Patrick Chatman a sophomore at the great HBCU Texas College I am a social work major with a minor in English and in double minor in history. Upon graduating college are we using my degree to help children in the low-income communities. I chose to work with children and teens, cause in high school it was a struggle for me to get out of get out of high school. Doing my 2013-2014 school year it was a struggle for me during second semester is Tom came for graduation doing this semester I had to face many fast changes from my mother losing her job was in the car lose my house and then losing my grandmother I felt like everybody had no answers to the questions that I was asking. During the summer I just had to go back to school to finish up and get my diploma. During that time that was the best decision I could ever make, doing a year I started to get better grades having A’small and B’s and 1C finishing the year off with 3.0 GPA. I want to see able to I want to be able to win this opportunity so that I can have my testimony told and that maybe one day my story can help somebody else. If I am lucky enough to be able to go on this trip I will use this opportunity to let everybody know that no matter how hard life comes you always make it out.

    • Emily Baird Anderson

      As a woman in science, ADC is an avenue for me to dress up, be silly, learn new things, and release the stress of working in the male-dominated world of STEM. You’ve given this Ph.D chemist a way to express herself, a way to learn dance with the best of the best even when I sometimes have two left feet, and a way to celebrate life with people from all over the world on one amazing boat adventure to new places! Not only are we all DANCING ON A BOAT, but the event rivals any other on or off shore with welcoming staff, talented instructors, unique themed activities, and an insanely action-packed weekend! There is never a dull moment, but who needs sleep! You’ll miss too much!!! I love ADC! This event has removed my life’s stress and brought me amazing new friends of all ages! I’m a 3 year ADC vet, and I’m headed to Both LA and Miami in 2017!

    • Meisha Reed

      Hello Rubia,
      I want to say thank you for your videos. I appreciate all the love you have for everybody. I am a mother of 3 boys and have a sick fiance. I would love this trip because i use to hip hop dance in high school and loved it. I always wanted to continue dancing but things in life happen. I have been on my own since i was 16 years old determine to graduate and do something with my life. My mother passed away in 2008 and still a hard time to go on with life but me having 3 boys, I have no choice. Always wanting to go back to dancing but never got the chance to. I have never been anywhere outside of the USA. This trip would be a wonderful vacation and a wonderful opportunity to meet you. If I don’t win this trip, to whoever does have a wonderful time and enjoy.

    • Luis Badilla

      Hello well love your posts all the time.
      Here is my story. As of 2012 I got injured in my job. Was treated like small injury when it wasn’t. since then I have had my life changed from an active 28 year old to a now disabled 32 year old will be using a wheelchair just waiting for it to arrive. Since using crutches and an air walker boot has done hip damage to me, Since they are meant for short amounts of time. But i used them for almost 4 years. They do my more damage then heal the person. So dealing with work injury medical and lawyers and going into debt due to the loss of income. From a person that used to go out an hike and lost lots of weight and changed his life. before this i was 360 pounds then worked my butt of down to 230 then i got injured then stuck at home for months had me gain back the weight to 320. Then struggle to get out of the home and get mobile again or to do stuff. Now am back and forth from 320 to 270 since depression is a pain and to have to see someone to cope with this life style change. The plans I had as an independent young man to go on trips and have fun, meet new people, to just staying in ur room. Since going out gets harder and harder. To the point u where walking and now u have to use a wheelchair. but the good thing i will getting an electric one since using the crutches for that long of a time has made my left side arm and and hand wrist have carpal tunnel. Then dealing with ptsd which i wouldn’t mind telling why i have that. but its a little too personal to post.

      {Family well since u don’t make the money u used to and need help now they really do show there real colors and u are left alone. mother well she passed away and father well restraining order the reason i have the ptsd details too much to post.}

      Why i think this would help me well it will get me out of my home and give me a chance to get the cruise trip out of my check list in my life. I am not saying this might be the only chance I have but its a good chance for me to be apart of the adc fun even in my shape. yes i know being in a wheelchair might be an issue and i wont be able to enjoy all the fun . but just being with all the people, full of energy is contagious and that’s the energy i sure do miss being apart of. I hate being the drag or the reason of slowing down my friends. Its sad to be the one that limits the fun and energy or getting the pity that’s not me.

      • Luis Badilla

        luis armando badilla full name sorry

    • Jocelyn Glamma Williams

      I’m a 49 year old woman who have always looked out for my baby sister more then the others, Not just because we were friends, running buddys! In 2011 she was shot in the face and with the grace of God she made it through but she can’t do for herself but she here! We have shared a room together, we ran the streets together and now I’m trying to do it all by myself, My mother passed away a year later then found out that my sister’s youngest son was in the FOSTER SYSTEM and someone had to get him before he was lost! Now I have Custody of him, we still find ways to visit his mom more an more, we have been trying to move to a bigger place but it’s been hard! This trip for me would be a blessing seen that I’ve never been on the water or in the air TRUTHFULLY I’ve never been any where, DON’T LAUGH yes I’m 49 and I’ve always been afraid to leave CALIFORNIA for any reason and now I feel like it’s now or never to EXPERIENCE life even if it’s just for a little while! If I’m not picked I still want to THANK YOU for just looking, listen & having the COMPASSION for HUMANITY!

    • Jacqueline Azofeifa

      Hi Rubia!

      I was born in Anaheim, California on November 13, 1982. My parents emigrated from Costa Rica in 1979. My father came first then my mother. I am a proud daughter of immigrants!!! I had a rough life growing up in a dysfunctional family. My father was an alcoholic and who abused my mother when I was young. My parents separated when I was approximately 11. I grew up lovinf music which I inherited from my father. I guess because it was his way out and it soothed him. I love to dance although I don’t know how too!! Lol this is where ADC would help me. I have taken classes, but never learned how to dance salsa! I know a little of bachata, cumbia, and merengue. Let’s continue with my story. At the age of 20, I fell in love with the man that gave me my two beautiful children! When I had my first child I quit going to college in order to dedicate myself to my son/family. I always knew I would go back to finish my BA. Had my second son Jacob in 2008! Then in 2009 I decided to go back to school to finish my BA in law and criminal justice! My marriage was falling apart due to the fact that I felt my husband was not in love w me and possible cheating on my cyberly! We separated right after I graduated with my BA.

      I had only a part time job stuck with a mortgage and trying to figure out how I was going to make it with my two children!! Thank God, I had my mothers suoport. I kept applying and applying for a full time and eventually after several months; I got a full time job!

      It’s been hard these past years and most recently when my father passed in November! I love my father with all my heart. I know he made so many mistakes, but he ultimately is my father. With the passing of my father; I realized that material things means nothing in this life. None of that shit you will ever take with you! That what matters is the love and what you can leave as a rememberance of one. My father left me the best thing he could the connection we both have in music and the realization that one needs to live your life to the fullest not caring about the material things; but the print you left someone! I continue to strive to show my children to have morals education values be spiritual in your own way dedication perseverance and above to be humble etc. I hope I leave them the best print I can. If I don’t get to go on the cruise maybe one day I can pay my ticket and vamonos lol!

    • Tony dzib

      Dear ms. rubia, first let me start by saying that unr such an awesome person for the things that u do for people.
      Next i would like to say that i could use such a cruise. Even my 2 children that i have if possible. U see i lost my wife to cancer in june of 2015. Its been kind of hard trying to fill her shoes. She was such an amazing person n aftr 24!yrs of being blessd to have lived life with her, i lost her to that wretched disease. I have tried to find something that could help myself to get bk into the spirit of life, but have yet to do so. Ive tried even harder to things with my kids to bring us closer but it seems it just never happens. I work alot of hours during the week n really hardly spend enough time with them. I kno they understand why i work so much. Its to provide a better life for them as i also promised my wife that i would.
      So in the end msRubia, i feel a good get away such as the one ur offering would maybe good for the soul n mind. I thank u again for the consideration n god bless u.

    • Candice Lostutter

      Hi Rubia! You are the bomb dignity no doubt! My name is Candy! I’m from St Louis, MO. I’m a single 40 yr old woman. This sister girl needs to get out and see the world and try out new things.. I have never been on a cruise.. I’m at the point in my life I need do things I love to do and that has always been dancing.. i have this mad love for music!!! I would love to learn new dances, meet new people and enjoy life for a change.. I have not traveled in so long Ive forgotten what it’s like outside of Missouri lol! I watch your videos and love how inspiring you are.. keep up the positive vibes and I hope and pray that I can actually meet you in person one day!

    • Lizbeth torres

      I want to go because all my friends are going and I want to dance with them. Honestly I never been in a dance cruise and I want to go!!! I have also never been to LA, so I would want to be able to experience both together.

    • Savannah Moody

      My name is savannah. I had a son at 18 years old. When my son was only 7 days old, his own father tried to kill him. He fled before police arrived and has never had nothing to do with my son since then and he will be 7 next month. When my son was almost 2 I met the love of my life, Brian terry. He took my son in as his own. My son thinks he is his dad because he doesn’t know his real one. Brian is such a good father to him words cannot describe. We also just had a son together 3 months ago. I cannot brag enough about what kind of man he is. He works day light to dark everyday to help raise both our kids so I can stay home with them. So when he finally gets to come home he we barely get to spend time with each other anymore he tries to spend as much time with the kids before he falls asleep from doing manual labor all day. I would be so greatful if we ever got to take a vacation together. Out of 5 years we’ve never been able to take one since we’ve been together. He’s such a good hard working man for his family. But I wish we could reconnect again. This man literally will do anything for anyone. He can just get home from work and fall asleep, and anyone can call him if they need help because they know he will be there it doesn’t matter what it is he will do anything he can to help you. He would LITERALLY give you the shirt of his back. I’ve never met another man like him. I’m so lucky me and my son found him. I don’t know where we would be without him. My son wouldn’t have a dad. That’s what I appreciate the most. Thanks for listening!

    • Elvis Matos

      My names Elvis Matos, I serve in the US Army and have been for 6 years now. Currently I’m going through my second divorce and I’m not proud of it but it is lesson filled so I’m trying to take it in stride. All my life I’ve been fortunate enough to have people look out for me and my well being. Coming from a one parent home I grew an appreciation for it and an outlook on life and people like no other. My passions are bodybuilding which I discovered while on deployment in Afghanistan in 2014, speaking which I discovered I have a nak for when I realized people actually take my opinions and knowledge into consideration and people which I was always fascinated with learning about when they would go out of their way for me. I decided in 2015 to create my own business incorporating all of those things for the purpose of giving back and bringing others from all backgrounds together with the commonality that derives out of the hard work and lessons you pick up from fitness. My belief is that when you put core goals and values into play as the overall focus, you begin to see others as comrades sharing in your pain rather than strangers who can possibly threaten your wellbeing. My goal is to speak across the world, share my life experiences good and bad and encourage and empower people of all shapes and sizes in seeing that in over all fitness to include mental, spiritual, and physical fitness we are not as different as we think because no one person will or can ever go through life’s journey on their own. Through bodybuilding or just fitness in general, you can find commonality that you otherwise you wouldn’t care to see in any other given situation and through that pain and struggle people will develop self love by caring for their health enough to change it while encouraging their partner through it as well, so through that in turn also creating a sense of peace amoungst ourselves and one another. Which is why I gave my brand the title, ((Body build Peace And Love)) because your not just building your body physically, your body(BUILDING) your mind in peace and your heart in spirit. I’m going to change the world through my hardships but I haven’t had a break which I assume is just me paying my dues to be successful which is fine but at the cost of my family leaving me and me ending up at square one again, in debt and the army encouraging me to just forget it without understanding the grieving process you go through when you loose people in your life family and community to death, jail, and divorce. All these I am currently battling with inside and it’s eating away at me but I can’t and won’t bring myself to quit either, then what example would I be setting for the goals and message I aspire to share.

    • Cheri Keenan/Anderson

      Hello, My name is CheriKeenan/Anderson. I have an amazing wife and 3 daughter’s I love with every breath I take. I think my wife and I need this cruise to recharge and to make the spark we still have for one another grow into a flame. My wife has worked hard for the last 9 years trying to get her dayhab off the ground. Her passion is helping developmentally disable adults. They learn the skills necessary to become more independent. She also assists thier care taker with a break from day to day care. Her life’s work has been taking care of the under dog andthe voicless. I am sure you can imagine that this type of work is time consuming in itself, but we also have 3 daughters ages 18 to 6. On top of that I also have a chronic condition that I take chemotherapy for to control the unexpected side effects and secondary diseases that came after I whooped Cancer’s ass 16 years ago. Because of this we are busy trying to keep up with our jobs, our kids, and anything else being an adult cause you to do. We are lesbians but that is a very small part of our family unit. I want this trip for my wife and I to be able to have a celebration of our love, marriage, and life. I want to reconnect with my wife and get to know the women I am madly in love with. Over the last 8 years we both have grown as people and to get the opportunity to go on a cruise and meet this evolving person I love is such a great gift and exciting. My life has been filled with many nah sayers.. From this Cancer is going to kill you,you will never have children, you will never get married if you are Gay, you can’t work and have treatment at the same time.. I could go on an on but for each person that told me I couldn’t ,I had a voice in my head telling that I damn well better. I am alive cancer free, married to the love of my life and typing this after a longer day at work. I here to try and make the most of my life and enjoying people while I still can. My wife and I need to celebrate each other and recharge so we can get back to creating the master piece we call life. I appreciate your time Miss Rubia and love your straight talk and point of view. This trip would mean the world to my wife and I. Thank you and God bless.

    • Cheri Keenan/Anderson

      Hello, my name is Cheri Keenan/Anderson. I have an amazing wife and 3 daughter’s I love with every breath I take. I think my wife and I need this cruise to recharge and to make the spark we still have for one another grow into a flame. My wife has worked hard for the last 9 years trying to get her dayhab off the ground. Her passion is helping developmentally disable adults. They learn the skills necessary to become more independent. She also assists thier care taker with a break from day to day care. Her life’s work has been taking care of the under dog andthe voicless. I am sure you can imagine that this type of work is time consuming in itself, but we also have 3 daughters ages 18 to 6. On top of that I also have a chronic condition that I take chemotherapy for to control the unexpected side effects and secondary diseases that came after I whooped Cancer’s ass 16 years ago. Because of this we are busy trying to keep up with our jobs, our kids, and anything else being an adult cause you to do. We are lesbians but that is a very small part of our family unit. I want this trip for my wife and I to be able to have a celebration of our love, marriage, and life. I want to reconnect with my wife and get to know the women I am madly in love with. Over the last 8 years we both have grown as people and to get the opportunity to go on a cruise and meet this evolving person I love is such a great gift and exciting. My life has been filled with many nah sayers.. From this Cancer is going to kill you,you will never have children, you will never get married if you are Gay, you can’t work and have treatment at the same time.. I could go on an on but for each person that told me I couldn’t ,I had a voice in my head telling that I damn well better. I am alive cancer free, married to the love of my life and typing this after a longer day at work. I here to try and make the most of my life and enjoying people while I still can. My wife and I need to celebrate each other and recharge so we can get back to creating the master piece we call life. I appreciate your time Miss Rubia and love your straight talk and point of view. This trip would mean the world to my wife and I. Thank you and God bless.

    • Andrea johnson

      Ok. Here it goes…i dont normally talk about myself so this is big for me. First, i am a Halloween baby, so i blame all of my misfortune on that, but i have learned to accept what comes. My sperm donor dad left when i was a baby so i know nothing about him and was never there to teach me how a man should treat a woman. Im blessed with 2 kids, both adults now but still needy in the way all kids are. As a child i was molested by two different people one of whom was a family member. At 15 i had my first child. At the time, i didnt attribute my need for love from a man as a result of being traumatized sexually as a child. So when my childs father would physically assault me when he did drugs, which i learned later was the reason for his animosity towards me, it took for me the see him strangling me in a dream for me to finally say enough. The dream was important because I’d had two previous dreams come true right before my eyes. So i finallt got out, thankfully before he killed me. The molestation didnt only happen to me but also to my brother who has been in and out of jail for years on charges of molestation. His first stint had our family on the news while i was in high school. Having to live down the teasing and taunts of my classmates all the while dealing with my own personal feelings about what happened to me was excruciatingly hard, but even after having a child i persevered and graduated with my class. I did enroll in college, but ended up having to wear sunglasses a lot od the time because of the black eyes i had because of the beatings. Its always been mt dream to go back bur life has gotten in the way every time. I never got help from my childs father with raising our child, so i did it alone. Life has always been a struggle and though i try to live as if life is short and i dont have time to be crazy, a vacation from it all would be the best thing in the world for me. Ive always put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own and there is more to my story that i didnt say here. But ive never been on a cruise mostly because of trying to take care of my kids needs before my own. But now that im older, and they dont need me as much, i can see doing more for myself and this cruise would be an awesome start! I am looking forward to meeting the coolest chick on facebook as an added bonus. And maybe even finishing my story.

    • Sarai Vasquez

      Hi Rubia, i’d like to start by saying that i’ve been following you for some time now, and i really look up to you for so many reasons, i can identify with everything you speak about! You are a strong and positive force! I would be proud to call you my childrens teacher. The reason why i think i should win this cruise is because, i like you am getting divorced after 20 years, i work really hard to make ends meet and never do anything for myself because my beautiful children always come 1’st! Their dad and i are on good terms, and he will be there with them while im away. He also thinks i deserve this trip! Plus i could use a little dancing in my life. Im in dyer need of R&R. I really hope that you keep me in consideration, but even if you don’t choose me i still think you are fabulous! Will always be on your team! Godbless. Sincerely your friend till the end. Sarai.

    • Clemmescia Jackson

      Hello I am a wife and a mother of three. I live I the state of Illinois and I am 31 years old. I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. When I was born my mother said that she knew that something wasn’t right because I cried all the time. When I was about three months I was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia disease. Now my mother didn’t know anything about sickle cell so as I grew she learned how to deal and treat my illness. Like anyone with a terminal illness you learn what your boundaries are and how to deal with your crisis. All my life I was told I was never going to survive my disease. When I was born they said I wouldn’t make it to be 10. When I made 10 they said 13. When I made 13 they said 16 when I made 16 they said 20 when I made 29 a doctor told me to get my affairs in order. I have been a fighter all my life. I have been in six comas, I have been declared legally dead twice and at the age of 6 I was shot in both legs with a 357. I fought for my life through it all. But lately I have become so tired. It’s like I don’t have any more fight left in me. The hospital stays, the transfusions, the blood paresis treatments, the dialysis, the panic attacks,and the constant pain, I just don’t know that I have any fight left. I know that I have to fight but at this point I don’t know how to. I have joined several clubs and gyms to try and bring myself back to uplift myself but nothing have really motivated me. I want to be empowered and maybe try to empower someone else. I want to be happy and I believe that this may just be the thing to help me. I feel like the weight of the world has dropped on my shoulders and I’m trapped. I want out. I want you to know that life for me wasn’t always like this before I went to college I was a very happy loved kid and person. My parents were and are the best I couldn’t have asked for better. They always supported me and were always there for me when I needed them and even when I didn’t want them to be around. I want to get back to that person the happy full of life person I used to be. I owe it to me family,my husband, and more than anything my kids

    • Christine Del VAlle

      First of all Rubia I want to thank you for your words and inspiration. You definitely bring light to everyday life.
      Well about me, I was in a bad relationship for 3 yrs of which broke me. My spirit, my ambitions, my dreams, everything that made me who I was. I was stuck. I got out finally and it has taken me some time but I have taught myself to love me again. I’m a better person now for myself and my kids. Now I’m ready to get out and enjoy life. I love my salsa music and to dance and my birthday is in September so what better way to celebrate.
      Good luck to everyone!!! Stay blessed

    • Regina Thomas

      My name is Regina Thomas, I am a advocate for victims of abuse, a year ago I wasn’t able to walk, get out of my bed from a car accident which happened years prior, I kept falling and finally, it became hard to walk, so in this 9 month to 18 months, I had been perscribed a wLker, needed help with the basics, and because I was determined, I would challenge myself to walk from my bedroom to my bathroom or kitchen.
      After finally seeing a pain specialist, they started back injections, and after being bed written I finally was able to get out my bed, bathe alone, not depend on my family and friends to assist me, a year later I am walking and using each step walking in my destiny to care for others within my community and abroad.

    • Martin A Rodriguez Jr

      Hey Rubia, My name is Martin and I just wanna thank you for the honesty that you bring to this world, I’m actually a Dancer myself, we actually share a mutual friend his name is a Stephen he lives in Arizona now he use to live in Dallas, Texas but anyway, I brought you to his attention one day after watching one of your videos and he told me that y’all were friends and that you also dance salsa and I was like 😍Peeerrfect lol but on another note, I’ve been dancing my whole life and I always wanted to go to ADC but with having so much responsibility at home it was never possible for me, but seeing that there is a contest I will pray that I’ll Win!! As for my story I’m not that interesting as funny as they may sound. Im just a regular guy from philly living my life day by day, if there’s one thing I can say about me though, is that l am a hard worker and I never give up on anything I put my mind too, I’m very passionate with everything I do! I’m a loving guy with so much love to give and I care about everyone and Im constantly wishing everyone good things to happen to them cause this world is crazy and we have to stick together!!! Even if I win or not I hope that someone takes this opportunity and live life and be happy!! Lords knows I need it cause I never have a break but that’s life and sometimes I take what I have and see the positivity of it cause God never gives his angels something they can not handle and I use that to keep going cause life is short and I can’t keep waking up feeling negatively! So I hope this doesn’t just help me win I hope ppl read this and see that there’s ways to be happy and to not let negativity take you out of your comfort and help them get loose and live life to the Fullest!

      #Peace🤙🏽 & #Love❤️

    • Larvell Bailey.Jr

      Hi my name is Larvell Bailey I grew up in Chicago Illinois move to Florida and 2007 been staying here ever since I love all varieties of music and I also love to dance I am a humble and loving man very down-to-earth and cool to hang around always making jokes and having fun I am a humble loving and caring man for people that I care I need a vacation a cruise sounds wonderful

    • Shaquan Godbolt

      Hey Rubia, my name is Shaquan. I have been dancing for about 7 years now and it has been the light in my life, Salsa being my forever dance love. Not too long after I began dancing my cousin, whom I call my brother, began dancing as well all the way over in Italy (our family lives in Alaska). Whenever he would come home we made it a point to go dancing with each other. I am still in awe at how, in two different parts of the world, we found this one thing that made us so happy and that we could share together. My brother always tried to make me step up my Latin music game, i.e, he wanted me to stop listening to Prince Royce constantly. He was the smartest, coolest, most down to earth person you could have ever met. Knowing your outlook about certain things in the world you guys would have been able to hold a conversation for hours. Maxie was bright in that way, and others as well. He decided to leave us this past fall. Since then I decided that I can’t keep putting dance on the back burner any more. I can’t keep saying I’ll do things later, I have now I need to live now. I’m back in the gym after gaining so much weight when I went to school. I’m going dancing (and lasting thanks to the gym), and I’m ready to get on a boat for the first time and hope to not end up like Rose and Jack. I’m terrified of many things about this trip and even if I don’t win I’m still going, come hell or high water. My brother would tell me to stop being a punk so I won’t be punking out on this one. Thanks for being such an inspiration Rubia!!

    • Vincent Carvell Fears

      5 years
      Precisely wha?
      recollection says…
      We weren’t
      In love
      No mo(re) &
      I betcha I
      Can count the
      Think I had 2
      Then we dated
      Like eight years…
      Before our peers…
      Bird seed
      Thrown above
      the cheers
      & Mrs Fears…
      great at first
      then those
      held in
      then the let go
      I was married
      Once upon a
      My Mom told me
      Not 2 do it
      Didn’t listen
      Any fault
      Was mine?
      Yet I was
      in it 2 win it
      So I hung on
      ’til overtime
      Even though
      I know
      when I was
      All hers
      She was never
      All mine. : (
      NO! Not
      Calling her
      a cheater
      She just
      a leave
      and cleaver
      like the parents
      2Wally & Beaver
      Love just ain’t
      always simple
      as on TV in
      Black & White
      3 yrs after
      divorce is
      Where I find
      Myself tonight
      I still got love
      2 give
      not 2
      Give it?
      …that ish
      ain’t right
      I sooooo
      My love
      wouldn’t walk
      But it’d
      DANCE upon
      the water
      so combined &
      with the love
      single daughter…
      Dancing from
      from the LBC
      to Ensenada,
      There’s an ADC
      Dance cruise
      And wha wha
      I wanna go!!!
      Perhaps dancing
      cheek 2 cheek
      With a potential
      future wife?
      half as smart/caring
      AND half as fine
      as Teacher Lyfe
      Closely dancing
      Cheek 2 cheek
      No search
      4 Clever words
      2 say
      Just letting body
      Language speak
      4 when the only
      Language spoken
      is dance?
      Aren’t we all
      4 romance?

    • Amber

      Hey Rubia,

      I’m a 27 year college student struggling financially to finish my bachelors degree. I made the decision long ago to move from my parents home and work full time to support myself while in school. Honestly to this day it’s not a decision that I regret because I believe I did the best thing for me, everything happens for a reason, and living home with my parents wasn’t healthy. I work full time at a job that I am so thankful to have but absolutely can’t stand. My job is extremely stressful, and staying in school continues to be a struggle. I was getting financial aid but I changed my major so many times not knowing what I was going to do with my life that financial aid won’t cover anymore of my classes because I have too many credits… so I pay out of pocket for every class, which for a 3 credit hour class as a senior is about $1800 dollars. I try to take 2-4 classes a semester, so the bill is super high. I’m just trying to stay above the system; but it’s so hard. I don’t have the best credit to apply for other loans because of my financial situation. This same company I’ve been employed with for 5 years has been through so many changes, that one year I took a $20,000 pay cut, and couldn’t afford the lifestyle I was used to. It was just a big spiralling domino effect from that point forward. Everything fell behind. I was at a point where what got paid got paid, and what didn’t, Didn’t. I did what I could and that was all I could do. I was able to live with a friend for a while, she offered her help which I appreciated more than anything. She was a leasing agent, so she was able to live for free, until she got fired, and we both had to move. So ofcourse I was back to leasing an apt, the cheapest one I could find without fully recovering from that full year of falling behind on everything. I’m so buried under everything that I’ve lost my happiness. Every check is here and gone and I seem to never catch up. Living expenses, medical bills, credit card debt, school… I lost my flame. Ive been so stressed I’ve had to take time from work, I’ve suffered from anxiety, I could never sleep. Dancing has always been one of those things I love. I’m from Detroit and here hustle line dances are popular. I’m always that girl at the wedding that is on the dance floor the whole night doing all the line dances. I’ve always said once I finished my degree and started my career as an Envirornmental Health and Safety professional that I would open my own dance studio. Over the last couple of years, when I had time and a couple dollars for myself , I began to attend a class called Zumba. I love Zumba but I rarely have time to go. I just feel l need a recharge, a mental break. I think ADC could be that recharge I need to help me out of this funk, take my mind off of everything that holds me down and provide me something positive, encouraging, light hearted fun that I wouldn’t be able to afford on my own right now.

      I look up to you Rubia, I watch all of your videos and I aspire to be the brave and strong woman that you are. Even if I don’t get this cruise, I want you to know that you make a strong impact to your followers. Keep up the great work! I know you are raising two beautiful children who you have paved quite the path for, and I know they will grow up with just as beautiful characteristics as you!

      Thanks for reading.😘

    • Schevone Nelson

      Ok so what’s my story???? I’m just like everyone else just trying to get through life and hopefully live it to the fullest, we all have had bad things going on in our lives so someone elses struggle is no less or greater than mine but even through my struggles all I want to do is start living again. I have always been the nomad in my family and I have seen some things but when my health started getting worse I lost myself. I wasn’t the old me, I went from being the life of the party to being the girl in the corner. Well everyone knows “you can’t put Baby in the corner” so this Chica is ready to LIVE again, I’m off oxygen and on better meds
      AND IM ALIVE so #Winning…. I hope I win cause I want to bring my sister, she was recently diagnosed with Lupus too so I want to show her the Party isn’t over and she can have a full happy life too even through the pain ♒️ Lupus Warriors

    • Diana Verenice cid

      Hello. First of all thank you for this opportunity and good luck to eberybody.
      I’m just going to say a little of my life. Back in 2010 unfortunately my mom passed away. My sibling were still young. Even though I was in my young 20s it hit me hard and it still to this day I grieve, it’s not easy having to go with your life with just one parent. The 3 of us had to move in with my uncle. We did as much as possible to go on with our days even though it was hard. We understood that nothing was going to be easy in life. We had to become independent from one day to another not having nobody to guide us or help us, everything that we have is because of us. I was in that house for 4 years, I move in with my bf who we have such a beautifull baby. Because of her i decided to do better. Even though I’ve never had the opportunity to go to school I became the mother of my brother and sister I got some mommy skills from that. Most of life it’s been work and work. It’s been hard but hard work pays off. A year ago my sis wasn’t happy were she was staying. So I decided to bring her with me and my brother got locked out too so he moved in with me. We all stay in a small apartment. Unfortunately I was let go from my job a couple months ago so our search for a house made a big drop. I’ve been suffering from depression not wanting to do nothing. I try to go on with my days but it’s still hard. I’m still in the look to find a house for 6 people. So my mother in law can move in with us. Weve all dealt with people that like to take advantage of us and have been treating us unfairly. We all just want to get a place were we can all live together and help each other out.
      Thank you so much for your time. Sorry i didnt want to get to deep in the story. So I left out alot of things. I love your videos and every post that you put. Believe it or not you’ve been giving me more motivation and that life is beautifull. Thank you

    • Lisa

      Good evening well never have i ever wondered if I deserve something until now my life always seems to consist of taking care of everyone else around me .as I’m writing this i feel like I wanna nominate somebody else because that’s always me putting myself last …I feel I deserve this cruise because I have been a mother since i was 17 .struggled did my best and raised my SON into the young hard working intelligent man he is today now 21…I also have a 13 year old daughter and I have a 8 year old cousin that was BORN addicted to drugs and i took her home from the hospital didn’t know how we were going to manage taking on a newborn over night but family no matter what sticks together so that’s what i did .i also have a 2 year old son .my life since i have been 17 years old has been taking care of my children and instilling in them how very important it is to get your education and persue your dreams in what ever that may be .I always tell my children I want them to do better then what I’ve become ..I work and take care of a elderly woman after my job I try to do the best I can for my children but lately I’ve been depressed really finally has hit me that i never ever take time for myself .I have happy for who ever wins this trip and I thank you for taking the time to read this .I have never been on a cruise well for that matter i have never left my hometown but one time lol.good luck to everybody I can’t wait to see who wins ❤

    • Hustace Wade

      I have never been on a cruise – EVER!

      It would such a delightful experience, as I’ve heard many of stories from people who have went on countless cruises, and always say I would have so much fun. But I could only listen and live vicariously through their experiences because I cannot afford to save and go on my own.

      I have four kids, all from 17 to my youngest at 4. I am the only one working, as my wife is disabled with four dislocated discs in her back. She is in constant pain and can barely do for herself, yet she bears through it all to help me keep our family together.

      I work in NYC, and live in NJ. It’s a one and a half hour commute to and almost two hour drive home every single day, Monday through Friday and select weekends off. I have to work – I am the only one who does work. All to provide for my family.

      I come home very tired from driving and fixing machines all day long, and have to fix dinner some days and help clean and care for the kids. My children absolutely love when I come home and show their gratitude by running to me and hugging me so tight that I sometimes gasp for air! No exaggeration – just blessed to have children who love and appreciate their old man. And I do as well! Not a day or a second in each day go by without me thanking God to be able to provide and be in the position to help and be with my family. I love them so much, and would not trade them for anything else in the whole world.

      It would help to have a moment away, to be on this cruise with my wife and just connect like we once did almost ten years ago when we wed in holy matrimony. We need to connect and have fun, with no worries about our kids cause their grandparents will take care of them. We need to grow stronger and fall in love all over again, and remind each other how we became one, and why no one else can be our soulmates. We found each other – now and forever!

    • Karen Leticia Uzzetta

      Hi Rubia! Well where do I begin? Who am I and how can this cruise be a positive in my life? I am a strong willed, determined yet beautifully damaged woman. I use that description because, nothing, I mean Nothing that I’ve experienced in my life good or bad hasn’t been a learning experience that’s made me stronger. I come from an abusive home, at the age of 12 I broke away, became part of the system, went into a foster home and found unconditional love with that family. I had my first son at 17. I struggled and busted my tail to give him all he needed. I was a single mother and soon had to care for my terminally I’ll mother as well. At 21 I had my second son, and married his father. Again an abusive relationship not a day went by without getting beat. I found peace in music. I love music I relate to it. I lost my foster mother in 2004 to breast cancer I literally held her as she took her last breath. It took me forever to find the music in my heart again. But, I did. I picked up and rolled with the punches. I soon found the strength to get up, and get out of my abusive marriage. In 2006 I met my prince charming, my now husband. He knew I had battled uterine,cervical and thyroid cancer. Knowing this, and that I’d never be able to have a child together, he still loved myself and my boys. On 9/11/2015 my youngest son’s best friend caked the police on his biological mother. They contacted me and ask that I prese pick him up. My son was begging me to help him. And that I did. OCS came in and started the process of certifying myself and my husband to be his legal foster parents. Every 3 months we went to court to attempt reunification with the mother. To no avail she made no attempts. In the meantime, I dedicated myself to teaching him unconditional love, ways to express himself, focusing on teaching him to be a young man knowing he could make mistakes and still be loved. Teaching him how to be independent while also having a REAL family. In Feb.2016 he announced in court that he no longer wanted to be reunited with his his mother, and asked us if we would adopt him. On 2/23/16 we were granted the right to adopt a son, a young man of our own. On Dec.5th 2016 that dream came true. He now has a complete loving family. I wake up everyday counting my blessings that the good Lord gave me the heart to love unconditionally and make a difference in this young man’s life. How can this cruise benefit me? It’ll allow me to reap the benefits of using the music in my heart to continue to make positive marks in every child’s live that I can reach, because without music and dance, I truly can’t find my soul. Life is music, love is the lyrics, Dance is the soul of it all.
      That’s me, that’s who I am. Whether I win or not, my goal in life is to be a positive role model to any and all troubled children. They ALL deserve to know what real unconditional love is. I hope this gives you done insight as to who I am and what my heart is about. Like my son, I was that lost child, and I was chosen to give him what was given to me, a second chance.
      Thank you for giving me a chance to tell you the raw semi-edited story behind who I TRULY am!
      Much love and respect!
      Karen Uzzetta

      • Karen Uzzetta

        Sorry for all the typos!

    • William


    • Alyssa pickett

      My name is alyssa , i am a mother of 2, i am currently in nursing school i graduate in august . My mom died august 2015 that was the worst day of my entire life every year august is a very hard month for me . Ive never been on a cruise i would love to get away after i graduate its been a really rough year for me i could so use a vacation me and my boyfriend of 12 years . My birthday is in september this would mean the world to me . Thank you for me allowing to share my story .

    • Holly Crosthwaite

      Hello my name is Holly Crosthwaite and the last three years have been the worst I’ve ever endured. I am married 20 years and we have a 15 year old daughter. This all started when I had a miscarriage at 21 weeks and lost our son. It was devastating to the whole family but my husband was hit the worse and relapsed back to alcohol. Shortly after he started drinking again he took my car and totaled it. He hit another car and no one was seriously injured thank God but due to his previous issues with drinking and driving from before our daughter was born he was considered a persistent offender and received 10-15 years in person. This devastated our daughter. I had been putting myself through school and working full time and only had 3 months left before I graduated. I felt so stressed and down I almost gave up but I didn’t and graduated with my bachelors. We have been mending the relationship between my husband and daughter. We see him twice a month to keep them strong. I lost half my income on that day and we are in the foreclosure process and have just a few months left in my daughters only home she’s known. Through all of this I have made sure she has not went with out. I worked doubles and weekends to pay for her 8th grade trip to key west with school for example. But I rarely get to do things for myself. Now that she has hit teenager status I see her less and less. So I’m alone a lot and I really would make some bonds with new people, travel, relax, and everyonce in awhile take off all the boulders I carry on my shoulder and take a breathe. I think this would be a great opportunity to find out who I am and what I want in this life. We as a family were so active and since all of this I can’t figure out next steps I love moment to moment. It would be an amazing experience to meet new people and find out who I am. Also to recharge and come back and be the best mom ever. Thank you for the chance. I am blessed beyond measures but could use a little solo blessing too. Have a wonderful day and God Bless.

    • Demari'Yaà Simmons

      First off I’ll say God Is Good!
      With that being said I’ll start off with this ..
      There was a point in time where Love was everything to me something I cherished most deeply & mentally! The tenth year of my first relationship first child & first time experiencing being a father , I found somethings going wrong with my relationship. Struggling we were as a young couple yet couldn’t hold it together. I walk away from my first child , with so much anger in my heart , pain , confusion giving up on life & myself because I felt cheated . I walked into the arms of another woman because I didn’t know how to communicate my feelings of being cheated on so I replied with the same wrong.. At this point in time I had just started my first business which was a recording label.. Feeling like I could trust I opened up my life to this new person whom in my eyes could do no wrong. Business took off song after song was recorded. Feeling like I was accomplishing dreams I started to gain attention from local tv stations & newspapers.. Life was going great , I was spending time with my child gaining ground in business & making more money than my young hands could touch.. Time flew I continued to make money .. Introducing myself to the street life slowly doing thangs without a care but yet so carefully.. Peopke began to call me a perfectionists cause everything had to be done perfectly maybe I went about things to perfectly. Was this killing off my very existence with love & family .., Burning inside I was to blind to see. Years passed & I began to ball, as we called it. Taking trip after trip every three weeks living life to the fullest in my eyes.. Then life hit me I got caught up in the life I was living . With being faced in losing my freedom lucky for me it was no more than a year and I had the money to fight this particular situation.. I started to lose money vastly I’m now living a nightmare what once was sugar had started to become shit.. Feeling a dark cloud over my life I picked up and moved to California my home state. Me not noticing the woman I trusted dearly with my life , business & more was starting to give up on me. Was this because of the start over in life from a struggling we had never experienced? I couldn’t tell you because I never seen it coming. 2 years passed adding to the 6 years that was flawless yet a bit of sower, which I never felt it being a struggling because this is what I’ve witnessed growing up in the poverty swamps of Louisiana. Rolling into that 9th year my gut felt a feeling I nevertheless wanted to witness having going through enough & feeling like life was trying to drive me crazy, the woman I cared so dearly for started to give up on me & felt she needed a vacation.. She visited her mom only to return with these words .. I think we need a break.. I fought for love chased it leaving behind all I owned or what was left of it after selling half of it to friends and family in Cali .. Returning to Minnesota dazed and confused about what had just happened .. I mean how could this happen? Sex more than often smiles kisses hugs and completely open , honesty .. I had begun to lose it all. Begging my love to return with me for California I was desperate trying any and everything nothing was seeming to work.. So I popped the question over dinner one night . Will you marry me? My off the wall thinking but not thinking straight, broke and all thinking to myself , I’ve got no ring.. As she answers “no” that’s not what I want ! I mean I love you DeMarià but I can’t give you that.. A tear drop, I’ve hit rock bottom.. phone calls started to go unanswered, text became unknown to this so called forever .. Friends that once were around when I was once up couldn’t be found. Strangers we had become.. Though I was still invited sometimes to her moms home where she had run away from me to.. Her mom tried to warn me but didn’t want to actually place her child’s business in my mind. Months pass and I’m asked to house sit. Her & her mom wanted a vacation .. I house sat for a week or so .. I guess her mom had felt sorry for me because I had no where to go! They returned & im back on the streets.. Feeling hopeless heartbroken and down I run into my brother letting him know I needed somewhere to stay . He agreed to letting me sleep on his couch. I began to catch on to what was going on and swiftly got a second job, yet still losing time with the person I’m carrying for I began to notice a pattern and the fact that she was switching her day job to an over night shift I started to question things more.. Nothing DeMarià it’s nothing .. Weeks pass more unanswered call & text I gain curiosity towards this situation and showed up at her home . A car in the driveway unfamiliar & her not knowing that her mom never asked for the key that I was given to house sit. I use it to kindly let myself in.. The smell of male cologne in the air keys on the counter and two vodka drinks half drunken on the counter as well.. I walk up the stairs towards her room voices , and slight silence with laughter in the air . I approached the open room .. So did you tell him about me,I said ,him startled he pulls his hand from under her polka dotted sun skirt. She pushes it down and lifts herself off the bed. It’s not what you think she says. Me in thinking shit I’ve been through hell though something must had been wrong with me because I didn’t react, I look at her looked at him and say “Who do you want” she grabs his left wrist & says nothing. Then I approach him only to shake his hand.. I walk away tho before I left I smoothly took all the juice and vodka with me sat at the park two miles away and started to drink a little .. Me not being a drinker at all I got drunk pretty quick but then started to notice I was free.. Only to return to my brothers home to slowly find out he was about to lose his home .. Not more than a month later he lost his home and a begun to live homeless. Sleeping in his abandoned house and sitting in parks until I had to be at work.. This went on for 3 months short of a year . What kept me strong and healthy was working and working out at the gym in between the two jobs I had.. Those three years hit me hard and it is now safe to say that it was my first time experiencing a hardship that I thought I’d never get out off. 2014 was the year I finally came up from the bottom of that craziness. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for god blessing me with a tremendous drive to see myself succeed in life I’d probably had given up a long time ago.. What I learned was patience strength and endurance for self. I also learned that no one can break you when they are broken themselves.. Yet through it all my heart still won’t let me hate anyone that wanted to see me down or with nothing. As you can see shame isn’t apart of my being .. I took this time to share with you and all who reads these .. Must be something about your soul Rubia ! Thanks for an appreciating my story for it is very real from living it to reliving it through the lyrics I spew in my songs..
      stay blessed ,
      Yaæ DeMarià

  • Joshua Adams

    I am a nurse from New Orleans. I have attended ADC Miami last year and would like to return this year. If I return I be sure to announce it to everyone so more people will go.

  • Adonis Cooper

    Looking forward to sharing fun

  • Donnell Brown

    I so need this trip work been so overwhelming

  • rm2pro

    This is a test

  • Heather Sayers

    I 💜 You so much when I was. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer I have been following you every since you give me hope you give me love people your just an AWSOME AWSOME LADY! Keep your head up BABYGIRL !!!!! Much 💜❤️ Heather Sayers


    I will leave you with this link to read my personal story. It’s my story of at one time being 328lbs and transforming my LIFE …
    I have since lost more weight and incorporated dancing into my daily .. you inspire me to be better and use my story to help others!

  • Emily Rugut

    This will be my first vacation ever. Never had any because I was busy putting my kids to school. I hope I win it. I also would love a good smile like yours My teeth are a mess. I am a mess in all ways. No vaca, no good smile. God bless you! Love your witty contribution in what is going on nowadays in our country.

  • Reyna Beltran

    Would be a great vacation. . I am a caregiver and sure need a vacation

  • Roberto Rodriguez

    I was born in Aguadilla Puerto Rico in 1964. I am 52 yrs old and have NEVER learned how to dance salsa. This cruise with soooo many dancers would be my ultimate dance class for me. My wife and I always take in family members who need a place and right now my sister in-law and brother in-law live with us, plus 3 dogs. We work, work, work and taking this cruise would be the ultimate vacation. Learning to dance salsa has always been my dream come true.

  • Bryant Johnson

    I didnt know anything about ADC until i saw this page.

  • Brittany Henderson

    My name is Brittany. I haven’t had it very easy but I never gave up. I’m recently divorced from a very unhealthy relationship of 5 years. I had to deal with physical, mental, and emotional abuse. But I never gave up until enough was enough. As a child a was I was sexually abused for 6 years but still I never gave up. I’m determined to make my life beautiful and to continue to see beauty in the world. I love dance and the expression of love and pain that it can bring. I think this cruise can do this for me.

  • John bornman

    My name is John. I’m a 34 year old EMT/Firefighter. I have been doing this for 18 years. When I was just 20, I lost my mom in the line of duty. She was a paramedic and she died while on the job. A few years after I lost my aunt to an overdose, and then my uncle died in the line of duty in the army. I struggled for years with depression and anxiety. Lost many jobs and struggled to support my family. Five years ago I lost my dad to liver cancer. Watched him suffer. Had a hard time with life. Suicidal at times. I had been working under the table until just a few months ago. No money saved up and potentially losing the house. I have not been on any kind of vacation longer then a day to relax since my mother died in 2004. Something, anything could really help. I mean I have been on vacations, but nothing serious enough to relieve my anxiety and problems. If I won this cruise it could change the way I think about life by getting away and changing my ways and learning new things. Thanks for reading.

  • Michael smith

    Well I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise but unfortunately I work to help my step mom out etc I’ve had to drop out of college to help my mom with bills etc I promised my grandma before she passed that I will continue my education in the fall of 2018 or the spring of 2018. I’ve been through so much from in my life from dropping out of the Marines due to medical an it crushed me an my dreams to where I had to find myself again an it too some time. Now I’m getting back on track. I was diagnosed with spinal meningitis as a baby an I have so Manny surgeries the last one was I was 19. I enlisted at 17 but graduated at 19 an I had to cancel all of my paperwork. Now I’m just workin to pay the bills. I love listen to u, u are what people should strive to be,you are truely inspirational an admiring hopefully I can win if not I still get to to watch u

  • Sanaa Cunningham

    Being that I come from a dance background since birth. My mom has been doing West African Dance since I can remember. Being that she has been doing this all her life, she has inspired me to stay within my culture. I love dancing and I love all kinds of dances from Salsa to Cumbia and also my sister in law being in Baile Folklorico. Dancing is my life and I do t see myself doing anything else. Dancing is refreshing and it’s just a joy to have in my life. I take hip hop classes and sometimes Baile Folklorico when I get the chance. I would love to participate in this cruise because I love learn new things and I’m not afraid to try anything. Dancing is in my blood and I wanna continue learning and teaching my daughter to love what she does. If it’s not dancing, then anything she wants to do. So please pick me to be apart of this amazing experience

  • Ray

    Hello my name Is Ray i am a singke father of 2 kids one 21 one 19 now and a 2 year old granddaughter…5 years ago i confronted my ex wife about her cheating on me it broke my heart but she did not denie it…so sadly she decided to leave me and my kids….and ro make it worst it was with my older brother…..we were living with my retired parents at the time as we sold are house….and my mom had just retired…she helped me get the kids off to school each day so i could work my normal hours…..7 months passed and at this point i loss a wife and a brother and then my Angel of a mother was taken from are lives……she died with a broken heart over all this ……so now just my son and my retired father live here and last month my Father was diagnosed with cancer he has been having radiation treatment for 20 days now and has 20 to go….hopefully it will end the cancer in his body…
    As for me since my ex leaving i jave really never healed from it….i have just worked and tried to do the the best i can for my kids…..and be the best father i can be tjankyou dor your time Ray Garcia

  • Jana L Mohammed

    Hello my name is Jana L Mohammed I am a fellow educator as well and would love to learn to dance like you Rubia! I have been teaching for the past 17 years and recently returned to school to become a school administrator. I am now a certified supervisor, principal and superintendent and I am on the hunt for a new school. In the meantime I would love to learn to dance to let off some steam every now and then!

  • Chrishana Gates

    I am nominating my daughter. She’s had a rough go of it. She has a new baby and is not with the father. Although she has tried to get along with him and support him having a healthy relationship with the child. He continues to display instabilities and drag her to court unnecessarily. It amazes me the judge just doesn’t say why are we here… my daughter is spent mentally and physically from this battle. And did I forget to say the child is ill and on oxygen and he continues to take him in a smoke filled environment. Which is against the court order and dr’s orders but it’s just minimized when brought to the courts attention. My daughter feels she has nowhere to turn. She’s just getting back to work she’s been on an unpaid maternity leave since April.. hasn’t even been back to work two weeks. Financially she’s drained but has to try to keep up with him in this court battle he insists on simply because she is done with the relationship. Prior to that she’d have to beg him to see the child. He’s simply punishing her… she needs a break and she loves to sing and dance … please choose my child ❤️

  • Justin Brewster

    This would be great for my wife and I because we never got to have a honeymoon. We had plans to go but so many people that claimed they would help never did. We had so many fees the day of the wedding it was ridiculous. To top it off, we had to spend almost every cent of our gift money on the wedding as well.. I love my wife and will give her what she deserves sooner or later.. I just hope sooner. I feel so bad because of that, les than a man at times. We’ve been married since October 22, 2016. Even if we don’t get this, we plan on going as soon as we catch our finances up. Hopefully we see you there, if not.. congrats to those who do.

  • Kelly Bright

    Hello Rubia, I want to start by saying Thank you for asking to learn about us, as your fans. I am a 37 year old, divorced, single mom. I have 2 kids, one son, 17 years old and my daughter, 9. I am not sure where to start on telling you about me. This could take hours and I don’t think you want to spend hours reading this. Here I go…. I was in an abusive marriage and spend my younger years with my ex husband. I was lucky enough to have two amazing kids out of the unfortunate relationship. I am single, and will probably stay that way for a long time. The gift of having a broken “picker”. I work full-time and also go to school part-time. When I am not at work or school I am 110% with my kids. I am striving to complete my education for Business Management. Finishing my degree would mean being able to move up the corporate ladder with my current employer. I manage an apartment complex that is a HUD subsidy and section 8 for seniors. I love my job and the people I work with. What would a cruise mean to me? Well, in all honesty, I cannot afford a vacation right now, but would love to take one. I would enjoy having adult interaction! It would mean a little time and sanity to myself with the opportunity to explore things I probably will not in my life get to experience. I tried to keep this i minimal I am sure you have a lot to read. Thank you so much for everything that you do. You are a real inspiration, whether I win or not, I will always be a fan!

  • Merve Ozturk

    My name is Merve Ozturk. I am from Turkey but I currently live in San diego California. I am 26 years old . Salsa entered my life when I was just only 16 years old and its been my life, passion and love ever since. Its given me the life, the friendships, everything I have right now.. I am Thankful to God everyday to be blessed with something so beautiful in my life, dance.. As much as dance has given me I believe and feel the Aventura Dance Cruise will be a unforgetable once in a lifetime experience as well.. Where I get to dance all kinds of dances I love, meet new beautiful people, be in the middle of the ocean and enjoy every single moment of it and make the best memories ever…. Its pure Dancers Heaven on Earth… And I, being a dancer for most of my life, someone who has dedicated their life to it, it would be a wish come true to experience “Dancer’s Heaven on the Aventura Dance Cruise”…

  • Shelly

    I had to walk away from my abusive marriage with just the clothes on my back. I gave that man the power to beat down my self esteem. 4 years later, I finally feel like I want to love myself again. I really need this cruise to just throw caution to the wind and relax and get to know myself and have a great time.

  • Julia Bates

    Hola Rubia! I am deom New Orleans and teach kindergarten. Former dancer at NOCCA but unfortunately have not danced much since except for recreational/social dancing. Married a Colombian man and discovered and love, love Salsa dancing. Have 2 lovely daughters 5 and 7. But in fortunately going through hard divorce right now. Lots of stress and tension but coming out better for it. Feeling more like myself again after devoting so much to him. Would love opportunity to learn more and most importantly, DANCE again!!! Thank you!

  • Elizabeth Keeler

    Who am I and what’s my story? Hmm. MY name is Elizabeth Keeler and I’m 30 almost 31 years old. I live in Nashville and I’m a single mom of a beautiful little boy. I have 3 jobs. I work in a print shop, I’m a floral designer as well as a housekeeper, I’m actually the “hey can you” person. Anytime anyone asks for something to be done, I’m that person. My mother is so gracious to watch my son while I work. I am the survivor of domestic abuse from my father and also my son’s father. i love to dance. I usually put in my earbuds, put on some music and just let loose. Whether it be while cleaning, while cooking or just blowing off steam. I don’t have formal training but have always wanted to learn. I was a cheerleader in high school and was asked to be a majorette. Later in life I’ve just never had to the money or time to learn. Although I should. I’m in a bad bout of depression, so keeping my head above water is hard. I haven’t missed a beat with work in over a year. I don’t miss a beat with my son. I have no me time, I have no time to decompress and to just breathe. Winning this cruise would give me a chance to do something for me, learning something I love, with some really cool, loving people and I get to clear my head in the process. Outside of that, of you don’t choose me, choose my mom, Kelley Keeler-James. She has been a single mom of 2 children. She (we actually, I own it with her) has bought us a wonderful home for her 2 kids and 3 beautiful grandchildren. She never misses a beat and is always there for anyone who needs her. She needs time to get away (and to learn to dance, she needs to know more than the mashed potato and the twist. Haha) sorry my essay is terrible and all over the place, I’m sure that irritating as a teacher, but I hope you get the overall gist. Thank you Ms. Garcia, not only for your kindness, but the opportunities you give. Your opportunities give young kids a chance to make it. You make them feel included and loved. I pray more teachers become like you.
    Your fan,

  • Erlin campos

    First time about ADC! I think it will b an amazing adventures day for me to experience the fun and excitement of this cruise and meaning!

  • LoriAnn Urkonis

    Hi Rubia, my friend Linda has had a challenging life. Her husband dies when her 2 boys were young, she was a single parent. Raised her 2 boys alone. She was diagnosed with breast cancer,had breast removed & lymph nodes. She survived that. Had both hips replaced, lost her 25 yr old son 3yrs ago and last yr was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is doing well even though she just learned it spread to her liver. She takes care of herself, eats right & exercises. She is one of the strongest women I know.shes a hell of a fighter. She is the absolute most kind,giving person I know. I am proud she chose me as a friend. No matter what struggles she has, she’s always doing something for someone else. I met her at work. We worked with about 25 people. No matter what was going on in her Pvt life, she made sure she baked a birthday cake for all of us. Our favorite cske, from scratch. She lives food. Lives to cook, bake and yes eat it too. I love her so much. I think this cruise would be a wonderful gift for her. I’m sure there are many heart warming stories. I hope this is one that moves you because she’s absolutely moved me in the way she has kindness, caring, compassion and courage. Thank you for this great opportunity. God Bless
    Lori. Xo

  • mishael e collins

    I feel I really need this cruise.I have been really stressed and what always relieved me was dancing and music. It hasn’t been a very good year for me, with finding a new job, trying to move out of my current home. Its a constant battle, living everyday and dealing with my family,my job and dating period. I haven’t dance in a while only because for years people have told me that dancing doesn’t earn you a life, which isn’t necessarily true cause dancing toe is life. I feel going on this cruise will open my eyes and get me to meet new people as well, for I am also a struggling young adult trying to get back in school to study international business. I want to make a change and a difference in this world somehow, whether its dancing ,business or even meeting people to make for a long time, I think this cruise can help me get out of my everyday life that I beg for a change from

  • Tumay Tunur Brown

    Lindsayyy! First of all I am super excited about this. Second of all I hope there is no character limit on this because I am about to type it up!

    I think it was either the first ever or the second time they were organizing the Aventura cruise that I went to. I taught a ladies styling class with Jonte and performed Green Light (our modern/salsa routine in white pjs and with pillows!) With Raymond. We also brought some of Mambo Orleans dancers with us. It was a blast!! I had a ton of fun but more importantly it helped us significantly to put NOLA back on salsa map. After that we got so much more recognition, we got invited to AllStar salsa fest in Cancun, Philadelphia Salsa fest, and so on.. we also organized the Mambo Jam two years in a row. All started with Aventura… when you told me about this opportunity I got super excited because dance defined who I ve been for so long. Even now, I use it to help people with Parkinson’s with my free community dance classes specifically designed for people with PD. I do research on dance’s impact on depression, self efficacy and confidence, and balance, gait and motor functions with the same population. These are all my community service. Not part of my job requirement, nor i get paid for it. I also use dance in education at Syracuse University as part of my class design where I teach about human body and the brain connection on my class called “Movement and Brain Function”. Although dance has influence every single decision I made (including the reason i moved to USA to begin with) now unfortunately I have been away from salsa scene for way too long. Living in Syracuse (with no salsa scene whatsoever, i mean none, not limited, none!), working a lot, getting married, buying a house, popping a baby …… i feel like I lost who i am. What i love. What made me feel confident, sexy, friendly, outgoing, and positive.. on top of the financial burden we suffered with my husband losing his job, then his next job going on strike, added to the financial burden of having a baby we are all the way to our neck covered in debt. Since I met my husband we did not even get a chance to do a weekend getaway, or a date at a spa, let alone a vacation or honeymoon. This year we had to take my baby to Turkey to see my family. We used my summer salary for that. Now we do no have funds to cover our bills for the summer. Long story short, the finance put a lot of pressure on our very new and fragile relationship. I also had a lot of postpartum depression after having the baby, feeling i do not have any hobbies left, i do not have any “me” left. All i do is count pennies to make the ends meet every week and make sure my baby is well taken care of. I still have ton of baby fat. I do not feel good about myself. I need a reminder of who I used to be, how life used to be fun, and what made me happy. My husband never seen me in my dancing days. I feel like he doesnt even know the most important side of me. He sees this constantly rushing, stressed out, insecure woman. I want him to meet real me. I want him to meet my friends who i see as my family. I want him to see me under different light, and see the sparkle in my eyes when i dance all night. I want him to be also away from all the stress and drama. He is black. He has a mexican son. I am muslim. Accepting what is going on in the world right now has been very tough on him as he feels afraid for our lives every single day. I want him to escape this madness for a few days and just enjoy us. Again, though i know this will benefit our relationship and our mental health greatly, we do not have any means to spend any money for any date nights let alone trips. So you offering a chance for us to achieve that would be the greatest gift. I was there with aventura when not many people knew about them. I chose their cruise over the competitor they had at the time. I hope they will be happy to see me return as well. 🙂 No matter what your decision is, even just to type all of this out and share this bottled up feelings with someone helped. Thank you either way. Love you girl.

  • Marcin Kasieczka

    Hello Rubia! How are you?!…. So I was born in POLAND and i came to USA in 2004…. I love in MICHIGAN very beautiful State…Feb. 3rd i turn 29 yrs old. I NEVER bin on the cruise. This cruise with soooo many dancers would be my DREAM come true… LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  • Heather Lattimore

    This cruise would not only be an experience of a lifetime (because it is my first cruise) but since weight loss surgery I need a major pick me up. I’ve dropped almost 150 lbs and still not taken an actual vacation for the “NEW and Improved” ME.

  • dedra yvette mayes

    Hey hey hey, i’m so nervous… I don’t know where to start. My name is Dedra and I go by DeeDee. I’m from Rock Hill, SC but I live in Summerville, SC… just outside of Charleston. I first need to say that I would LOVE to go on a cruise and most importantly, I would LOVE to meet you! There’s not much to me… I have 4 children 23-28 and my life has been work work work. I have never really just taken a trip. Honestly, I’ve never been on a cruise, never spent the night at the beach, I think I went to a concert once in 96 (that show was everything). I’m just a home-body. You don’t miss what you don’t experience. But I saw your video about this cruise. Although I know it’s highly unlikely I will get picked, but I never attempt things like this so I figure why not? I’m just looking for a way to jump start my “whatever” because I may never have this opportunity again. I’m just a happy-go-lucky person who would love the opportunity to do something different which in my mind would be the opportunity of a lifetime. I always say, “I’m gonna take me a trip somewhere or just do something good for myself this year,” but it never happens mostly because I can never afford it. So if you pick me, please know you will never regret it. And even if i’m not chosen, I would still love to meet you! I see nothing but good in you and would love to be able to talk to you. Be blessed and beautiful and always!!!

  • Lanis Young ("Zany")

    Hi Rubia!

    My name is Lanis, but the Salsa dancing community in Austin, Texas knows me as “Zany.” My nickname was given to me as a teen in Spartanburg, South Carolina for my weird, one-of-a-kind goofy ways. For International Day, I received the chance to learn basic Salsa dancing steps at a local high school, however due to the lack of resources that I had wasn’t able to pick up on it for 3 more years in Charleston, South Carolina (where I had the opportunity to hang out with Salseros on a weekly basis). After finishing my Bachelor of Arts in Women’s & Gender Studies in May of 2011, I moved to Austin, Texas where I discovered that this city had more of a “scene” than the last city that I’ve lived in. Just in the last 13 months, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to take workshops with professionals here in Austin from all over the country. Today, I am working with a few catering companies in the city, discovering what it is like to be a Travel Consultant, and when I’m not doing those things, I like to sing, dance, and crochet (okay, I can be an old soul).

    Sailing away with ADC from Los Angeles this September would be a dream come true for a few reasons:
    1. As of today (February 7th, 2017), I’ve never been on a cruise.
    2. Texas is as far West as I have ever traveled.
    3. This would be a way for me to tell others how AMAZING ADC is (as a Salsera & a Travel Consultant).
    4. Last, but most certainly not least, it would be a honor to meet you, Rubia. You have spoken about how history has affected us in the U.S., and I’m grateful that you have shared your life experiences with us all throughout the world! I hope your students & the people who love you are PROUD of the amazing person that you are! Thank you for being an inspiration!

  • Jenia Allen

    This won’t be for me. My sister suffers from MS. She is a loving reborn Christian unlike my heathen self ;). We are ten years apart in age and really have nothing in common but life seems to keep throwing lemons faster than she can make lemonade. Just this week she informed us (not me, I had to find out through the grapevine) that doctors found evidence of cancer in her colon. I love my sister. We are not friends but I would give anything for her. I myself am a widow raising an autistic son and I’ve never been on a cruise or a vacation without him. However, it isn’t about me. I’ll get a chance. She may not. I’m not going to ask for you to place her above others. Plenty of people need this just to have that brief distraction from life. I hope whom ever is chosen will enjoy their trip. HAVE FUN BABY!!!

  • S. Ahyoung

    Hi, I’ve struggled with Major Depressive disorder all my life and was formally diagnosed in 2012. I had back surgery in March 2005 as a result of being a former battered woman and several car accidents. The love of my life left me and my 3yrold in December. I’ve been praying, working out, lost 20lbs and just want to dance again. I’m West Indian, my mom is Venezuelan and East Indian and my father is Chinese and African….so I just need to dance again. It is the only time I know true happiness. It’s been a long road to stay alive for my 24, 21 and 3 yr olds daughters. My life has changed so drastically in the past 10years and I just want to dance and be happy.

  • jojo

    Hiya, Thanks for this Opportunity. I am a mom of 3 one being in College. Recently I got separated and we had no choice but to move. While in the transition I had to leave everything behind and had to start all over and that means even our beds. The stress of doing that has made forget who I was, it’s incredible how certain things can impact your life in a big way. I had no one to turn to which makes it even harder, but when the clounds are dark who ever stays in your life was worth having around. They say God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle. Moving kinda scared me, but it made me realize that one day a great person will notice me and cherish me for who I am. I have never taken a vacation and well i am crossing my fingers I win. I love my kids sooo much but it would be nice if for once in my life I can do something for me. I love Your videos because they put me together girl. thanks again, love JW XOXOXO

  • Michelle Miller

    My name is Michelle and I’m a full time United States Marine and a single mom. My first trip was last year on ADC and I absolutely loved but didn’t fully get to fully enjoy it. I have gone through several medical issues and unfortunately will be retiring from the military in a few months. I had to cancel my original booking once I found out of my fate of my career. I’m trying to plan financially for me and my daughter. I can only hope to enjoy the experience once more. I met Rubia for a brief moment at the hotel pool side party, and seeing her inspired me to want to be more outgoing and live life to the fullest. I can only hope to be granted a chance to enjoy this experience once again. Thank you and good luck to everyone.

  • Yohan

    This would be a great trip for my mother and I, I was born with Muscular Dystrophy, and my health at the moment isn’t going well, My mother and I were planning on travelling once she retired, but we had no clue right before she was to retire from working for the department of french education with the government, I was to get critically ill, I was on life support for about a month back in 2013, join that time the doctors were not sure if I was going to make it as to how sick I was, they gave me a 50/50% chance in making it, I managed to somewhat recover, at the least i stabilized! But we did not know if I’d be the same person as I use to be physically, but my wish was to move south, so we did move out of the arctic to be closer to family, then in 2015 I got sick again, was on life support again due to a heart infection that was spreading to other organs, but luck was on our side, we caught it in time to stop it, but no without back lash, it put a hole inside my right lung where a deadly fungus infection still lives to this day, all treatments have failed to remove this infection i’m living with, but thats just the start of it, I can go on and on….

    Now as to why i’d love this trip, it would mean the world to me, to create another memory with my hero (my mother) retirement and being on disability does not give much chances to save money to travel, and not only that but my health is now failing, as time passes, I get sicker and weaker! This would give me a chance to give my mother a vacation she deserves, the woman who takes care of my every need, the lady who stayed at my bedside every hour of the day while i was lifeless, this would give me a chance to give my mother a memory she can cherish before I pass, cause we both know i’m going before she is.

    Thanks Rubia for taking the time to read this!


  • Tamika Herrera

    Dance has always been an integral part of my life. When I dance, I can be whomever I want to be. I can literally shut the world out and listen to the beat that plays in my heart and soul. My weight, body shape, skin color, economic status- none of that matters when I dance. Dancing is the one thing I can do and feel my best while doing it. I feel ADC will be my chance to learn from experts and meet one of my most important female role models, Ms. Rubia Garcia. She is the epitome of style, grace, sexiness and passion. These are all qualities that I strive to have for myself. Music and dance have always been art forms that brings people closer and enrich the lives of those who submerge themselves in it. I’d love the opportunity to be in the presence of so many awesome people!

  • Heather Hellams

    This cruise could put the spunk back in my fiancé. He had a car accident in May 2015 that left him paralyzed. Since then, he has fought tooth and nail to regain some sort of mobility. He hasn’t fully regained his mobility but he has came a very long way. He has no motivation however, to getting back to a normal life personally. He just wants to go to therapy and be at home. It can’t be good mentally for him to be so cut off from things. I know now that we are down to a limited income since I’m the only one working and he has limited income but it would be nice to have a chance at a getaway for us to try and get some spunk back in him and us.

  • Gabrielle Williams

    hi I am Gabrielle I am 32 years old I am a student at cedar valley college . I am inspired by your story simply because it has show me that after a divorce and the betrayal that leaves you feeling hopeless and stuck at rock bottom that there is hope and things that can fulfill my desire to do more be more and live for me ! So here’s a little insight on my background and hopefully you can understand why this would be a life changing exsperience in my life that is right now need more than ever ! In June of 2014 I was in what I thought was an amazing marriage to my best friend from childhood .needless to say the first two weeks in June I was bombarded with the chaos of some outing his infidelities and deceete. It crushed me but I forgave him , I was on probataion at the time for a charge I took for a guy I was with six years prior and had gotten a call that my drug sweat patch had come up dirty and I was to appear in court June 23rd of 2014. In court my husband admitted to the courts that he had broken his evil with thc oil in it in the bed while I was sleep . Not thinking to tell me the judge wasn’t trying to hear it and revoked my probation and sent me off to prison . I spent a year and four months in prison thinking that no matter what I will still have my life and my husband and I are moving forward and all things are up to me being positive strong and being a great wife . I got home. Late 2015 and was suffering from ptsd due to my incarceration . Also my husband needless to say had fallen short of being there for me towards the end and I could feel he wasn’t as excited about my return as I thought would be . Lon story short the truth came out after months of him be little game making me think I was crazy drowning in his lies and soon was feeing like I was better off dead than alive. He watched as he torn me down piece by piece with the lies and neglect as well as the social embarrassment he would use to make himself look as if I was dragging him September I found out I was pregnant and not wanting to be in that situation I left him two hours before he was to get home from work . For two months he belittled me and called me everything but by my name . I mustard the courage to tell him I was pregnant He changed and wanted to be involved but being that longer trusted him I told him no . 10 weeks in I find out the baby has numerology tubular disorder and it’s rare to make it past 12 weeks without it ending fatal . That was the longest most painful two weeks I had ever experienced on December 21 I received a message from a friend telling me he was telling people I was a loser and I’m lying about being pregnant on December 27th I was rushed to the hospital due to a miscarriage . I was deviistated my family was lost in what to do I wouldn’t leave the house and cried for months .months past and I gained enough confidence to at least go on walks with my dad and shortly could talk to friends and family on a casual level in December of 2016 I realized that rock bottom had finally been reached and I no longer would have to worry about writhed or not it would get deeper for me . I still trusted no one and wanted things but I wasn’t sure of what I wanted .one day my dad and I were ridding around running errands and he asked if I thought about going to school I said no thinking it was to difficult to get enrolled and didn’t want to burden anyone with the questions .well push come to sho e that day my father and I stoped at the nearest college to my home and I was officially enrolled . In all of this I I lost a part of me that lacked confidence and independence who I am or want to be . Although school is great I take online classes mostly and two in classes on campus.. I don’t have any friends other than family And spend. All my time alone painting writing music playing guitar or working out . I am stuck and all tho i am not nearly as broken as I was before I still feel like I have a greater purpose I just don’t have anything to inspire direction . I find I start to get discouraged and feeel like I will fail before I even try . I want to have what you have when you speak of what ADC has done for you , that glow that confidence that undeniable trust that this changed you and will be if it others . I really hope that you choose me as a candidate for this amazing opportunity . I have the desire to do great and inspire great things if I am show a door that can help guide me or just push me in the right direction. Thank you so much for reading this and for being the voice that speaks beyond the pain the heart endours .
    Yours truly,
    Gabrielle “Elle” williams

  • Yohan Grandjambe

    This would be a great trip for my mother and I, I was born with Muscular Dystrophy, and my health at the moment isn’t going well, My mother and I were planning on travelling once she retired, but we had no clue right before she was to retire from working for the department of french education with the government, I was to get critically ill, I was on life support for about a month back in 2013, join that time the doctors were not sure if I was going to make it as to how sick I was, they gave me a 50/50% chance in making it, I managed to somewhat recover, at the least i stabilized! But we did not know if I’d be the same person as I use to be physically, but my wish was to move south, so we did move out of the arctic to be closer to family, then in 2015 I got sick again, was on life support again due to a heart infection that was spreading to other organs, but luck was on our side, we caught it in time to stop it, but no without back lash, it put a hole inside my right lung where a deadly fungus infection still lives to this day, all treatments have failed to remove this infection i’m living with, but thats just the start of it, I can go on and on….

    Now as to why i’d love this trip, it would mean the world to me, to create another memory with my hero (my mother) retirement and being on disability does not give much chances to save money to travel, and not only that but my health is now failing, as time passes, I get sicker and weaker! This would give me a chance to give my mother a vacation she deserves, the woman who takes care of my every need, the lady who stayed at my bedside every hour of the day while i was lifeless, this would give me a chance to give my mother a memory she can cherish before I pass, cause we both know i’m going before she is.

    Thanks Rubia for taking the time to read this!


  • Stephanie Towler

    ADC2016 was my first ever time on any ADC cruise. I was nervous because I’m not a dancer nor do I want to dance in front of others. When I read that Rubia was going to be in the cruise I was super excited. Rubia makes videos that enlighten as well as educate and I am a super fan! When I got on the boat I was intimidated because I knew I wasn’t as good as everyone else. On the boat, I met Rubia and also watched her dance with several people. She had the most confidence as well as she was the nicest person I’ve ever met. That gave me some confidence because I admire her. A friend of a friend asked me to dance bachata with him on the pool deck and even though I was hesitant, I agreed. I had so much fun and I thought about how confident Rubia was and that gave me some confidence. I have decided that I want to get into Latin dance and boost my confidence even more. This cruise has opened my eyes to many cultures and taught me to just let go and dance. This cruise also helped me realize that you have to just get over that initial fear and dance like no one is watching!!!

  • Kyna Wells

    Hi Rubia! My name is Kyna (it’s pronounced key-na). I’ve been through a lot, I’m 32 I grew up in not so great circumstances, I have been homeless, I got pregnant with my daughter at 18 and I had my son on 22nd birthday. Being a young mother I never really had time or money to go on vacation. I spent 10 years in a very toxic relationship with my son’s father and we broke up at the end of 2015. 2016 was a very depressing year for me not just bc of the break up but bc I found myself in a situation trying to help someone out and it put me in financial trouble. Then I lost my job April 26th, my car was repossessed in July and my living situation was slowly eating me alive, I felt like a prisoner in my own home. My kids went to live with their fathers bc of the living situation and I haven’t seen my daughter since she left bc her father is keeping her from me. I just recently moved into a new apartment and I’m working so things are slowly getting better, but a vacation with you would be a dream come true and very long overdue!

  • Edison Layne

    This trip would be for my fiance. Here father has parkinsons disease. He also had hernia surgery last week, he can’t sleep at night and she and her mother are up with him all night. I’m not currently working and she is, she works 12 to 16 hour days 5 days a week and then comes home and take of him. She really needs a break and this voyage would give her a piece of mind for a few days.

    Her father had surgery at St Vincent Hospital in Los Angeles, this can be verified. Please give her a much needed break.


  • Martha (Helen) LaVere

    I’m actually submitting this post in the name of my Bestest Friend Martha LaVere Washington. She works at the San Diego Humane Society sharing her love and passion for animals. She’s the most caring and loving person (with a flair and attitude) that will put anyone in their spot in such an eloquent manner that you don’t even realize it till later. Martha had a memorable 2015-2016, with many ups but I’d say a little bit more downs, but never complained about it.

    I say more downs than ups, because Martha and her now husband Chico Washington, became engaged on her Birthday 04/20/2015 in Sunny San Diego CA. Her parents, brother and sister and significant others all witnessed the engament through FaceTime from Good ole’ Mississippi. Unfortunately I was so excited myself that I forgot to call them during the actual kneeling and proposal, but redeemed (or should I say semi-redeemed) myself by calling them right after the big announcement. She talked about her father walking her down the isle, but unfortunately, her father developed Cirrhosis and the cancer eventually consumed him on December 28, 2015.

    Martha was distraught not being able to support her family from far away wasn’t able to be present during her father’s last days, but she accepted this reality knowing her father died in State he loved for the Jazz and Blues music.

    Chico and Martha decided to have a small civil wedding in San Diego surrounded by their closest group of family and friends. They’ll be having a private ceremony this summer in Hawaii to grant Steven Lavere’s, her father’s, final wish – to have his ashes thrown into the beautiful Hawaain Ocean.

    I know what it’s like to see a loved consumed by cancer, as my grandmother died only a month after her father’s passing and Martha made every effort possible to drive 3 hours away to console my family and I. It meant so much to me, because now I realize that it takes a person of great character to support another while they’re still grieving themselves.

    I’m afraid Martha will be so overwhelmed with emotions, and trying to support her mother, sister and brother and nieces through such a trying time that she will not be able to experience having a true honeymoon. I know if you ask her, she’d gladly do it 100 times over for fulfill her father’s last wish.

    This cruise would allow her to step away from her sorrow and actually be able to enjoy and celebrate her love. Chico, her husband has been so supportive and both Martha and Chico deserve a joyous honeymoon!

    I’ve been two 3 ADC’s and know how big they are on La Familia and Martha and Chico enbody the spirit of love and always putting others before their own desires and needs. Just like you Rubia that’s why when I saw your video I immediately thought of my BFF and how much she could use this getaway!

    See you in MIAMI 🙂

    • Helen

      OH MY GAWD!!!! Thank you Rubia I’m about to share the exciting news with my BFF

  • Ranae Alves

    I am a single mom since 16 yrs old. I have 3 children in put through college alone. my oldest daughter was jumped while leaving a club and while on the ground being beaten by 2 girls because they were jealous of her . she grabbed a bottle off the ground trying to save her life and hit one with a bottle, she was a criminal justice major and was sentenced to 6to9 yrs in prison. her daughter was 11mths old I’ve been raising her for 5yrs, she’s been diagnosed with ADHD AND A HAND FULL. I HAD TO QUIT MY JOB AND NOW WORKING FOR LESS PAY PART TIME. I REALLY NEED A VACATION RUBY!!!! I’VE SACRIFICED SO MUCH. I ENJOY YOUR PAGE AND ADMIRE YOU. THANKS

  • Antonette bovell

    I need a mental and physical broke from my job and life the constant mental abuse of my job is driving me crazy. I am a FDNY EMT EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN IN NEW YORK and I thought that was immune to the pain and sickness I deal in every day but this year has begun so bad first my best friend mom died before Christmas and we buried her in the new year so we both had no Christmas or new year and me trying to keep my friend from being depressed , back to work and it seen that my 2weeks back was deaf back to back with out a break and the frustration of the way the family members treated their mom and grandmothers are so disheartening. Right now everything and everyone seems to be getting on my nerves I am mad all de time please help me take a break from this place

  • Terrie Edwards

    I will do my best to make my story short. In my (almost) 33 years of life I have never been on a cruise. I haven’t ever been able to afford something like that. I was molested at 8-10 years old, my mom passed away from cancer when I was 17, I got pregnant and married at 19, divorced at 21 and had my second child then as well. I have been raped and nothing was done about that, charges were dropped. I am engaged to an amazing man who does everything he can to make sure my daughter and I are taken care of. I do not ask for sympathy from anyone. My fiance and I have been engaged for 4 years and just can’t afford to get married. Again, it’s ok. I love this man very much and we haven’t been able to have time for ourselves. My daughter’s father passed away last year from a heart attack and his family cut her off. They haven’t even tried to contact her. Going on a cruise would just give us a chance to get away for a little bit, to have a vacation that we haven’t ever had. I will say that you are the second person just today that I have heard say “you just need to have time for yourself and live life”. My response the first time was “I do live life every day with my fiance, my daughter, and my step son. I am happy with not having alone time with him because we are all about family time.” My fiance lost his father on my daughter’s birthday and it hasn’t been a priority to have time to ourselves. That is my story and I wish u luck on finding your winner.

  • Jessica Rugerio

    Rubiaaaaa… first I’d like to say I love that you & ADC have teamed up & are providing this amazing opportunity for the dance community. My name is Jessica & I have NEVER been on an ADC😭 I have been dancing for 30 years; everything from ballet, hip hop, jazz, contemporary & of coarse, Latin. I’m a single mom of 2 amazing young ladies living about 1 hour outside of Chicago. Unfortunately, the distance is too great for me to be able to regularly attend classes despite the fact that we have a very advanced, diverse & welcoming community. I expand my dance knowledge with workshops that I take at festivals & congresses I attend. It has always been a dream of mine to cruise with ADC. It’s an opportunity to create new & lasting relationships, learn from the BEST instructors, enjoy the amazing performances & live music. I would be eternally grateful if I were to win this incredible trip of a lifetime. Things like that just don’t happen to girls like me.

  • Diane G Garcia

    Hi Rubia, well how do I start, I lost my job in 2010 after that I became homeless. Trying to establish myself somewhere was a mission for me bcuz no one including family opened their doors for me so in the interim I ended up in my significant house whom then is a minister & a chaplain & studying to be a pastor. Against all he believed I remained in house for 3 yrs living on a rollercoaster each day as he then tormented & taunt me to leave but it wasn’t easy cuz I had no where to go. As years went by I struggled hard to find any government programs that could help me in hopes I don’t end up homeless & living in my car. After 3 years I had a full knee replacement & he was there for me but I guess out of pitty or guilt bcuz he was having an affair with a woman from his congregation. After Long mental & emotional abuse that even almost lead up to physical abuse he took me to court & had me removed by the marshals (wat a man of God). I left his home to then find out he was a liar & a cheater. Now I’m left broken❤ practically homeless & no remourse from him. What’s a girl to do when the love of your life of 14yrs shames you & made you feel belittled. I have NOT stopped crying ever since. I have ONLY god to turn to, to get me out of this storm. I have not known wat happiness is since 3yrs ago! 2 surgeries that has left me uncompetitive to work had left me rock bottom. My story mite NOT be as bad as others but I’m hoping it touched your heart. I didn’t go deep into detail bcuz It would if been too long for you to read. GBY

  • Stephanie

    Dear Rubia,
    I have been following you a year 1/2 you are amazingggg! I’m gonna tell u my story even though its really hard for me…my entire life was hard I live in Wisconsin.. as a child we moved around a lot Because I had a single mother due to my father being in and out of prison. when I turned 15 my mother became a drug addict so I moved in with my 18 year-old brother for a short time until my mother Moved in with Us and my brother started using drugs with her so I hit the streets doing illigal things to survive..I ended up going to jail several times….then my brother and mother went to father was an alcoholic. I ended up dating men that sold drugs so I could maintain an OK life, I got pregnant at 20 and he left…12 years..he’s never even met my daughter! I then broke my tailbone and was addicted to pain killers and I want off so they recommended me to a “methadone” clinic where I then got pregnant with the man I’m still with of 10 years…they said if I stopped the meds my baby could die…they actually DOUBLED my meds due to your blood thickens while pregnant..when I gave birth to my son,2 months after my father passed away which was sooo hard, my baby was small,sick and addicted! And I live with guilt because it was myyyy fault!I DONT RECOMMEND METHADONE TO ANYONE!!! anyway its been three 1/2 son is great, I am clean and out of that clinic and I’ve been engaged for 3 years but in a relationship with my partner for 10 years…I’ve never been on vacation…or a boat lol…I actually don’t leave my home as I’m working on depression/anxiety issues…and I think if I won this vaca it would give me hope again as I’ve list myself since I lost my father. Enuf enuf….or I’ll cry..I watch every one of your videos and u cheer me up….your amazing I only wishhhh I had u as a mentor 🙂 even if I’m not picked I LOVE LISTENING TO U PREACH AND PLZ CONTINUE AS YOU ARE HELPING MEEEEE! And im sure so many others!!!!XOXO

  • Kris

    Hi, I don’t have a sad story to share but here is how this cruise could help me and my husband. We are newly weds, my husband is a active duty Marine. We didn’t have time to plan a wedding so we got married at the court house. A week after we got married he left for two months for training and even when he got back work has been so demanding we never went on a honeymoon either. This cruise would mean the world to us. Both from Afro- latino backgrounds, dancing is in our blood. My Cuban husband is not a dancer and this cruise would bring him out of his shell for sure. I am hoping something like this will open him up more to wanting to be my dance partner and possibly one day competing. This is my story and I wish everyone the best of luck!

  • Kateeshia LaToya

    I’m super excited you’re hosting this cruise in September!!!! First allow me to thank you for your honesty, integrity, and teacherlyfe! You’ve inspired me to return to school to obtain an elementary teaching credential. I’m over a month in and I’m super excited for the future!!! On October 1, 2015, I donated a kidney for my stepfather whom had been on dialysis for several years. My stepfather was unable to receive my kidney due to incompatibility, but praise God there was an option for us to be a part of a kidney exchange. The way it worked is that there were 9 people in need of a kidney and 9 people willing to be living donors. The AMAZING doctors at UCSF Hopital in San Francisco, California and others around the United States matched the kidneys up to the BEST receipiants. So in the course of 48 hours 9 people received the gift of life from strangers all over the United States. My kidney went to a mother of 4 from Stockton, California, whom had been on dialysis for almost 10 years. My step father received his kidney from an unknown donor on the east coast. When I say my step father received a second chance at life, I mean he is able to finally LIVE!!! Prior to his transplant, my stepfather was limited on what he could do or where he could go due to the constant need of dialysis. Now he’s free to travel and enjoy life as he should. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of his anti-rejection medications (which he will have to take the rest of his life) he is financially unable to travel as he should. My step father and I share the same birth month….September! This year he will be blessed to see 70 years of life….PRAISE GOD!!!! It would please me nothing more than to be able to accompany him on this cruise, but if not both of us, then I would LOVE for you to take him! I thank you for the life you live!

    ~Kateeshia LaToya

  • Joanna

    This entry isn’t for me, I’ve already signed up and paid my dues. This is for my best friend/sister from another mother. I’ve come to find out that she’s been going they done really difficult personal issues. For the past month I’ve been doing everything to get her out and feel good again. She originally signed up with me and unfortunately couldn’t pay the dues. I’m willing to pay for her, even for a partial. Just last night I told her I would pay for the whole trip if i had to. But she declined. I would work 2 jobs if I had to because i know she needs this. I know she needs something to look forward too. Just this past weekend I took her out to learn how to dance kizomba. This is a girl that’s been dancing her whole life and I know she misses it. I’m doing everything for her to see her inner light shine. She’s been there for me when I needed reinforcing, so I can only do the same for her. She’s an educated hard working, mom of two, who does it all for everyone. Its time she gets something in return.

  • Gretchen Geyer

    Hey Rubia,
    I don’t think my story is the best but it sure has been a journey from the age of 16 lol. I had my first child at 16 two more followed so I’m currently a single mother of three children. My daughter is 18 just recently left the nest my son is turning 16 on the 19th of February and my youngest just turned 11. I have been a single mom on and off for most of there lives. My youngest was diagnosed with AML leukemia 2 years ago and has been in remission since the first round of chemo. I had to quit working due to her being sick. But she’s better I decided to go back to school for my AAS degree in Community Social Services I’m currently half way through its been a long road especially with my teenagers. Anyway I would love the opportunity to escape my life for awhile not long or forever but I’m in need of a get away and I would love to meet you! You inspire me almost everyday with your posts and all the things you do for people in need. You are very inspirational you have a beautiful soul much love Rubia!

  • April farmer

    Hello my name is April and im a single mom of 3 ive had a very rough life as a child went through unspeakable and life changing things but no matter what i kept going in 2008 i was diagnosed with graves disease which caused my body to be uncontrollable when it comes to certain functions so i was limited to what i was allowed to do living a life with extreme limitations wasn’t easy nor hard either due to my child hood i wasn’t like a normal child and had restrictions. Then i lost my 5 month old son which didnt help my depression that was one of the most difficult things ive ever had to face then just recently i had some test done and they told me i had thyroid cancer which through me into a panic thinking about where my kids would go since i dont have a family like most i had one radioactive treatment they then noticed it was a goiter not cancer but i had cancer cells but never the less it was not cancer ever since that scare ive realized ive let my past run my life i dont leave my house other then when it comes to my children or work and household things. I would really like to do something for me even living with this disease i won’t let it determine anymore the limit of joy i should have i love music and on my good days you can’t stop me from blasting my music and getting my feet moving i want to be happy again for me. Thank you for letting me share my story and for being such an amazing inspirational person

  • Erika Vázquez

    I will like to nominate my sister Claudia she is student at Richard Daley college in Chicago, and also works at a local grocery store. I consider she deserves this opportunity because she is a hard working girl.
    I consider she has had a hard life during here childhood because unfortunately we have an alcoholic dad and she’s been through alot, dealing with all the drama that living with an alcoholic person means.
    She is a very responsible young woman she’s just been through alot dealing with my dad’s problems, my mom being sick taking care of my mom when she had meningitis, also taking care of my younger brothers distracting them so they won’t notice my dad’s alcohol issues. I consider she deserves a bit of distraction from work, from being a student, from dealing with the issues that soround her. For the simple fact that she could get out a little more, she hardly goes out she’s always home with my mom trying to give her the best. I consider she is a very introverted person with self-esteem problems, with no motivation. I consider this could mean alot to her so she can come out of the shell she has created. I will love to see her motivated. One thing I know is that she loves bachata. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Love you. You inspire so meny people so much trust.

    • Claudia Anglelica Vazquez

      My sister’s full name is Claudia Anglelica Vazquez she lives in Chicago Illinois in a town called Little Village. I live in Ensenada Baja California Mexico. Also I will love for her to come and know Ensenada.

  • Marchelle

    This last year has been really trying for my family and I. We are a family of 6 and we had carbon monoxide poisoning which the reading was 886 which should have killed us all but something or someone had there arms wrapped around all of us. Since then my 16 yr old has been suffering from seizures and panic attacks . My 14 yr old speech can be messed up at times. I suffer from memory lose and panic attacks. Seeing your posts daily Miss Rubia truly brings a smile to my face and I truly appreciate you.

  • Jarvis baldonado

    First I’d like to acknowledge this blessing! How awesome is it to be able to give someone such an opportunity! I’d like to nominate my boyfriend Bernard. We have been together for 7 years and have 3 kids. He’s taken care of my oldest since he was one. We met in Hawaii, both our hometown. I brought him back to what I call home in South Dakota for a fresh start career wise. When I met him he worked at a local restaurant called Hapa Grill for minimum wage. A couple weeks after dating he sought out a second job to help take care of my son so I knew he was definitely the one. Along with leaving all his family behind in Hawaii he definitely had a culture shock since we arrived in the dead of winter. Just two months of working at a Blue Beacon truck wash he was promoted to supervisor! He worked and worked until his hands were falling off. August 2012 we gave birth to our 2nd son Oshen. It was such a blessing for him to be able to have not one but 2 sons to raise and teach love to. February of 2014 we had our first baby girl. Skylani. She was born with a melanocytic congenital nevus on the right side of her face which increased her risks of developing melanoma. Only being 24 we were completely lost as what to do and how to deal with the situation. With the guidance of doctors we were directed to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for treatment and removal. At the age of 2 from May 2016 to September 2016 she has had 6 surgeries. All of which we drove 4 hours there and 4 hours back home. Al’s there every 2 weeks for appointment. She will be starting her second stage of removals March of 2017. So I’m nominating my boyfriend of 7 years because through all of this he stayed employed and still was able to comfort the family emotionally. Even if it was just barely making it he made it happen. He never once shower weakness or that he wanted out. For that I will forever appreciate him. Also he hasn’t seen his family in Hawaii for 7 years so what other way to show appreciation of a hardworking dad than a nice vacation!
    Thank you

  • Jose Quinones

    Hi my name is Jose Quinones i would like to talk about my fiancée Alissa Evangelista we both move to Jacksonville NC to live we both work very for our two boy and her sister that lives with us we are going though hard right now i hirt my back at work and now im home taking care of our two boyz we have a one year old and a two year old its not easy for me to be with out a job and be home every day but now my woman is trying her hradess to keep a roof over our heads snd food on the table she works at a call center and also drive for uber on the weekends and money is very hard right now im going to something for her on valentines day at our house but its so hard and i know im not easy cause shes 24 years old and im 37 years old she Italiana and im Puerto Rican she try very hard for me when we go dancing she can olny dance bachata and i do it all but with my back bing all f….d up i cant do much but cook and clean and make sure my boyz are good we try to take the boyz out to the when she is off but her job is never do its always something sje has her mom to deal with sometimes with her alcohol but now mom is doing real good but her brother is in the hospital with lungs disease so trying hardess to be there for everyone but our relationship is going down cause shes not spending much time with us but i had to change my of thinking and be there for and to stress her she alot on her plate has it is so i got make it good for at the end of the day i pray every day she is ok never know what can its not easy for one person to take on that much of responsiblety shes never been on a cruise it would mean alot to me her to go on this cruise i love her with all my heart and i dont know what i would do with out her by my side she means the world too me thank for you time and god bless you Jose Quinones

  • Karen Solomon

    My Testimony to the world begins here:
    Follow me back in time to July 27th 2010 on the way home from work. I had just come off of a 12 HR shift with The University of Miami Hospital. The shift was rough but I persevered. I’m driving up the I95 and was approaching the Golden Glades interchange. You all know how crazy the 95 can be. I was in the HOV lane when a white car hit my left rear end with a rage and kept on driving. I was left spinning out of control unable to stop my car. I hydroplanes across 5 major lanes. And right before impact and with all chaos around me, for a few brief seconds in between my screaming “God help me…I have a son to raise. He is only a baby. Please….””Help!” I heard the voice of God as clear as day. It was as if I had emerged into another realm. The voice said ” Be still & know that I am God!!” Then the big CABOOM…. I crashed head on into the sound barrier. The gauge as was later told to me was stuck at 80mph. I faintly remember two women had stopped in their cars to try to help. I remember being prayed over by these strangers. I remember one trying to pull me out. I remember screaming for dear life in agony. My right leg was crushed. My left leg was stuck. I remember speaking and screaming on the phone to my sister to help me. Who called her. I didn’t. Then I woke up at the Jackson Ryder Trauma center with my clothes being cut off my body. I could barely see. My chest felt like an elephant was on it. ” what the hell had happened to me? More screaming in pain. I remember hearing some of my coworkers around me crying. How did they get hear. I my heart is racing. It won’t slow down. Then with s blink of an eye, I’m in recovery. Seems like it’s 2 days later.
    Well family. Like myself. I didn’t know the severity of damage I endured. All I can say is that I was kept after recovery in a dark ICU room with droves of MDs in various disciplines to evaluate me. I suffered a broken right foot with compartment syndrome inclusive of a broken tibia, fibula, crushed talus (helps us to bear wright and balance), a right brain traumatic aneurysm, a torn intermal flap of my carotid artery and a pericardial effusion secondary to my chest hitting the air bag.
    I remember at the time never asking why me. My husband brought my 1 yr old son in to see me. He was dressed the way only a father could do. He let his little hands go and he starts running to me crying “mommy, mommy!” I couldn’t pick him up. I was hurting and couldn’t raise my head. I cried. I cried thanking God for saving me and cried because I was scared. Wasn’t sure if I’d ever be normal again. Or even be able to walk again. My son would only know me in a wheelchair. Depression set in.
    After having 5 long surgeries during the month of Augut 2010. Two of which I suffered cardiac arrest. I was cleared to go to NY by the the renowned chief of orthopedic trauma surgery Dr Zych. He made me promise to follow only his rehab instructions and location to follow up with and I DID. My mother, my husband and me all agreed that it was best to come home with my son to recover. My husband was in no position to care for a toddler and a completely disabled spouse. So on Sept 3rd I made my way to NY with only one suitcase, a wherlchair and my son. My family welcomed me with open arms. I was happy to be there but sad to have to leave my husband behind. I registered my son in a day care that was highly recommended and as the cold NY days went by and turned into months I was able to get my son to school myself in a wheelchair. The center was around the block. A NY block though. I had regained significant cardiac and upper body strength. No sooner than November rolls around the corner, my mother takes my son to school and returns doubled over in pain. This went on for a few days and several Caribbean remedies. I couldn’t stand to see her hurting without improvement. She stopped eating. Dropped a few pounds. Couldn’t hold anything down. And a grape sized protrusion began to show itself. Her armpits were very tender. We went in to the docs office and had a biopsy done. Results came back inconclusive. We were referred to a team of MDs out of Methodist Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering. My mother completed an invasive biopsy as well as a lumbar puncture. 45 battery of tests were done with her symptoms worsening. On Dec 23 2010 we went into the docs office for results. I’m on crutches at this point. My sister is with us. The doc says Mrs Solomon you have stage 4 cancer. Stage 4 lymphoma. But this is treatable. You have 5 years with treatment. However we need to admit you now to begin treatment. She refused. She said after Christmas. On December 26 during that infamous snow storm felt around the world…where emergency responders could not respond because the snow was coming down in catastrophic proportions. People died in their homes as a result of this storm. And NY mayors poor planning for the storm. Well yes. That was us in Brooklyn NY. My mom stopped breathing at home. I started CPR….911 couldn’t get to us. Now what I’m telling you next is only the divine will of God in effect.
    I left my husband to continue CPR and rescue breathing. He was stronger than me. The fire station was down the NY block no knew they would oblige an RN. And so I went hopping on crutches in boots and snow at the height of my knees. By the time I reached the station I was crying, with icicles that firmed on my face and pieces of hair hanging out of my hat. I was distraught. I banged on the big wooden doors of ladder# ***. 2 guys opened the doors. I quickly and frantically explained what was happening. I was able to get 5 big firemen to come back. O2 tank & equipment and all. One of the firefighters carried me back. We returned just in time. We carried her out on stretcher back to the station where she was making a miraculous turn around. Back up ambulance and 911 called. No help. One of the firefighters waved down one by God chance that was off duty. Told them: if we can’t get her to Th ER she may die. On the ambulance she was carried. I was lifted in. The AC was stuck on ON. The ambulance was breaking down. And about a good 19/ 20 degrees. The sun had now gone down. We stalled several times along the way. And stuck in snow and ice as well. No salt on the roads. I’m grateful to all those who lived between Midwood and Prospect Park that were out shoveling snow. At different times en route to the hospital we were shoveled out and pushed!!!! If this wasn’t God at work, I don’t know what it could have been. Finally we got as close as possible. The EMT had to rush her in by foot. I hopped until I could make it in to the ER. I was about 15 min behind them as I couldn’t move faster with crutches and a healing right leg and ankle. My mom survived!!!!
    Over the next few months I was eventually cleared by NYS health and human services to begin work. I had to return fast and pull in money to help mom. I’d taken up a quick per diem job in interventional radiology through a woman who saw me all the time every time I came with my mom for treatment. I accompanied her through everything. That lady happened to be the director over IVR. God was blessing me and mom and my son. Mom was handling chemo ok for several months. Then in April the docs tell her they can do no more. Her body was failing. She was devastated and went into a spiraling depression. She was eventually readmitted into the hospital I was working at NY Methodist. I brought her breakfast and returned to find her in a coma. I was DEVASTATED!! I was heart broken. No one called me. I then sounded the alarm to my large family. I arranged with my sister to have my mom enter hospice care at home. I remember this day like yesterday. I walked next to her on her stretcher with my sister. As the daylight hit her extremely pale face, her eyes flickered. She knew she was going home. I promised her I would take care of her till her last breath. As you can imagine family poured in from all over the country and the Caribbean to pay respects to “G”, ” Sybil “, ” burro”. On May 3rd my mom awakened briefly. And like out of a story book she mustered just enough strength to say I love you to my sister and me. She went back into a complete coma. On May 7th, 2011 my mom passed away next to me at 5:45am. The usual time she would wake to prepare for work. It was then I knew why I had to be the recipient of that car accident.
    I was numb and felt defeated. Mom was only 62. I was only 36. I needed my mother. We needed grandma. We had no other like her. She was the matriarch of the family. The woman who cooked for the homeless. A minister in church. An upstanding citizen! Why her?? Why all of this suffering? She had gone from 61 to 95 in 5 months. The chemo destroyed her, me , the family. She didn’t deserve this kind of ending. What was left? I needed to recover. My son was now immersed successfully in school. I had to pick up my shoe laces and continue to carry the torch for my family. I was the oldest. And so I did. Never really giving myself the chance to grieve. I made it through 2011. But 2012 I fell into a functional depression. I didn’t want to be labeled clinically. I suffered it through with family support and church support meetings. Eventually that stopped.
    Where was my husband through this? Here and there. He had given up on us. I promised him we would return. But I needed time. In July of 2015 I returned with my son fully literate. My deliberate intention to not pull him out of school. I returned to FLA to finally reunite with my husband.
    What I returned to was unexpected. A new life of sorrow. All over again. He had become someone I didn’t know. He was verbally abusive, uncaring and filled with infidelity written all over him. I couldn’t prove it so I prayed hard for it to be revealed. And so it happened. At a beach outing my son pointed out a little boy and his mother saying ” mommy that’s Tasha and her son. We went over her house. I approached her to confirm and yes it was true. They were sleeping together for about 2 years. About 3 weeks later another young woman knocks on my door asking for him. He went outside to speak with her. I over heard the conversation. He had been sleeping with her. She claimed to be pregnant. And yes more: On Mother’s Day after receiving a really nice ring from him, 3 harsh knocks to the door were received about an hour later. It was a woman he was dating.
    Why did he lie to me soo much. What did I do to him. I wasn’t cheating but trying heal in NY. The family support for my son and me in NY, I didn’t have in Florida. I asked him before returning to NY if he wanted us to get a divorce. He boldly said no. I just want my family back.
    Now I wasn’t s complete fool. I thought maybe there might be one person. I could accept that. I was gone a while. But I uprooted a life that was settled with blood family to reunite with my spouse after such tragedy that I endured and recovered without him.
    Family…this has been a nightmare life for me since 2010. It’s now 2017. I need help and a clean start. Im tired of being taken advantage of and verbally abused. I’ve been married for 13 years. I tried to hang on for my son. But I’m dying slowly from this all. Please help! I need a life line to help me get out of this part of my life. I know I can’t do it alone. A dance cruise sounds authentic and mentally uplifting. Which I could sincerely use right now as the tears stream down my face while reliving tough memories to write this letter. If anyone reading this comment believes in A GOD of second chances, then you’ll know after reading my letter that I have been through a lot and deserve a fair second chance.
    May God Bless You all abundantly.

  • michael benjamin

    Not one for brevity, so I gave my life story to a lumberjack and Tasmanian devil for editing.

    Be the best artist? Sure, but how to pay the bills??? How about a career in fighting fires? I didn’t think that was for me. I was usually the destructive pyrotechnic according to the ashes of what was once a book of matches, and the empty hairspray bottle consigliere. My brief stint as a male sex line operator and Hip Hop recording artist gave me the courage to rock the ladies and crowds, but it’s hard to sell a damn record in this digital domain market. I came to the conclusion it would be best to combine my talents together into a TREMENDOUS (Trump diction reference) metaphorical ball and live my life as a mix of all these.

    That’s right… I started my career in basketweaving.

    While I was creating the grandest of holiday fruit baskets I received a telephone call. The muffled voice on the line time-stretched into what seemed an eternity. David, a longtime friend, had a family emergency, and had to cancel his Carnival Cruise trip. Worst news ever, it was. Who will slaughter all the ladies by smoothness in the Carnival nightclub? Being the hoggish individual I was, I disregarded my friend’s quandary and continued on my path to attain Carnival’s Diamond Member status. Did I mention unlimited pizza?

    Through the years, I channeled all my moxie in basketweaving and became an phenomenal dancer. By my second cruise, I had earned a kick-ass trophy from Carnival for an impromptu dance contest. I knew what others were thinking: this chump is gloating about a little-league-lookin’-ass cruise ship trophy. Yes, maybe. But, the way I see it, I was a luminary. That was my Kodak moment no one will ever take from me.

    After review of your campaign, I offer two options: Unite as allies and win BIG in cruise competition, or oppose me and lose in the final bracket. I’ll be waiting at the ports with my rum runner bags and passport. The choice is yours. -Black Sheep

  • Jeffrey Bernard

    My Name is Jeff Bernard, I’m 27 years old. Originally from NY but lived in florida for most of my life.. I Started dancing in high school as well, and continued for years. I also produce music in my spare time, writing and composing. I suppose my story started at about 22 years old. I had just gotten into my first serious relationship.. Over the course of a few years i slowly quit dancing and music to work more. She had already had a child from her previous relationship. He was just turning a year old when we’d first met. Over time we 3 came to be my first family. I soon decided it was time for us to venture off into the world.. We got our first apartment and started our life together..

    Things slowly became complicated as time went by and after a couple years so much hostility was built up in our home we eventually separated even though we still lived together. The constant fighting began to take its toll on us as well as our son, until finally one day I snapped and packed my things and left. Her and her son also left to stay with her sister 2 hours away. It didnt seem real for sometime, but after a few months I moved into another apartment alone. She eventually moved on to live with a friend she knew in PA. I spent the next few months trying to re-evaluate everything that happened in our relationship. I was able to see things a bit more clearly and I realized that I may have made the biggest mistake of my life..

    The following 6 months I began to go to counseling after I’d realized there were many issues I had that I wasnt aware of most of my life.. Alot stemming from past relationships, or my relationship with my family. I attempted to get in contact with her some time after that, to try and talk things out and see where things would lead from there.. Unfortunately she had already swept the entire situation under the rug and no longer wanted to speak to me.. She did however allow me to talk to our son over the phone whenever I wanted, he had been asking for me for some time. This went on for about 8 months. I called every single day to talk to him, and attempt to talk to her. But it was all in vain. I found out her and the friend she was living with had become intimate after a while. I made one last attempt to at least talk about things for closure I suppose, but she no longer wanted to speak on it. I continued to call our son for the next month or so, but gradually he began to pull away as well, Her new boyfriend had children as well that our son played with all the time. Until he no longer wanted to speak to me.

    Come this point I felt it was time to walk away.. From then on things took a downward spiral.. 2 months later I had lost my job at Wells Fargo and had my last counseling session that month, because I couldnt afford it… A few months after my vehicle was repossessed. I went back and got my old job at Mcd’s after not being able to find anymore bank jobs. I became numb I suppose and didnt know what to feel for some time.. I gradually started going out to clubs/bars to try and meet People. Ended up picking up a pretty bad drinking habit for the next couple of years… I literally began drinking my life away.. I felt like I had lost every sense of purpose of my being on this Earth.. Like not only did I fail at my relationship but I failed as a Father/Step-Father. I would drink to black out anything I felt at all.. Of course it doesnt always work that way… I recalled nights I would feel even “more”. Nights where after a great night of partying, I’d sit alone in my room blacked out drunk, yelling at God.. I was angry at everything.. more so myself. I began trying to fill the void with any and everything I could get my hands on.. This has been the gist of the last few years for me. I tried focusing on my music, and getting back into dancing but lost all inspiration to do either. I did eventually get into another relationship but it went nowhere fast, thus my drinking continued.

    Its been about 3 1/2 years since leaving but I’ve never forgiven myself.. A month and a half ago I wrote her a letter not to try and win her back, but to get all the things I’ve wanted to say off my chest and finally trying to close that door. I thought I would feel better afterwards even though I knew very well she would never reply. But still no luck..

    After seeing you post the video about this cruise I thought maybe I’d give this a shot. To see if maybe I’ll finally put my past behind me and start dancing again as well. That and I’ve always dreamed of going on a cruise one day lol.

    Thank you though for the opportunity to tell my story. I’m a really big fan. Thanks for always spreading the positivity

  • Amber Lopez

    Hi Rubia! My name is Amber. I’m a 35 year old mother of 3 girls (14, 11, and 3). I try to live by the motto that things can always be worse. While I’ve had it easier than many in a lot of ways, my story is far from happy. I was born the eldest of two children to drug addicts/alcoholics. I was given to my grandparents at 3, while my parents kept my younger brother. I was sexually abused by a family member for about 10 years (7-17). My father went to prison for murder in 1991 and my mom went to go get a pack of cigarettes in 1989 and ended up in Florida until 1998. My brother died in a car accident in 2002 at 18. I lived a life of domestic violence with several significant others for many years and was a single mom. I finally met a good guy and things were looking up when my cousin (who was raised as my brother by my grandparents) died of a heroin overdose in 2012. I had no idea he was even using. With the help of my husband and family, I went to nursing school and even had another baby. I have PCOS with excessive hair growth. All my kids have medical issues and go to Children’s Hospital in Cincy, OH. I am happy with my life. It’s not perfect, but it’s beautiful in it’s imperfections. I have never done anything for myself…i always try to think of others first. I need this. Thanks for reading my story and I admire strong women such as yourself!

  • Aaron Bray

    I have never been on a cruise before. And I would like to be on a cruise before Donald Trump pushes “the button”. As far as my story — Iol — I am confident that you’re not going to find one like mine. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait and catch that on HBO one day– I am afraid you either wouldn’t believe me, or I would run out of space in the comment box (which ever comes first). It is very personal, and actually probably a little inappropriate for this forum — but, I would not have any problems sharing it with you in a more private setting. The metaphor I have been kicking around in my head for the last couple of days:

    I feel as if I am this guy that made a really risky, gutsy attempt to stop everything and find this sunken treasure in the middle of the water that no one thought existed; a journey that people ridiculed me for taking part in. Turns out, when I got into the middle of the ocean, I found my treasure — and others just like it. Now the problem I am having: swimming back to shore, being weighed down by the gold I am hauling — feeling as if I am literally drowning just so that I can deliver this “gold”. For the last two or three days, all I have been saying to myself is, “All I need is a boat. All I need is a boat.”

    When I saw your post, I thought maybe that was some sort of sign.

  • Romeo N

    I’ll start off this post by admitting that I’m unsure if the actual submission for participation went through. I’m exhausted but I had this video pop up on Facebook regarding a competition and thought I’d take a chance. I hit submit several times but I haven’t received any sort of confirmation of receipt. Either way, I wanted to nominate my God mother Leslie and if nothing else show the gratitude in a public arena that words alone could never express. Throughout my lifetime, just as anyone else, I’ve experience several setbacks. In retrospect those same situations restored my belief that people have a love within them that is undeniable, and that belief is consistently reinforced on a daily basis through small gestures that sometimes go unnoticed.

    I was in car accident at nine years old that caused irreparable damage, at some points in my life close to homelessness, and the list goes on. To be honest, it’s my belief that the events we experience within our own lives are meant to assist us in connecting with one another. Passion, empathy, respect, love, all of these important aspects of human emotion stem from our ability to empathize and understand one another. It’s in the everyday struggles that we truly see the character of man.

    So how does this tie into my god mother? The simplest answer is that when I was lost, and had no idea just how far from his grace (God) that I’d fallen, she restored me. She took me to church, She’s the reason I was Baptized on Mother’s Day,and she challenged me to be great despite my disabilities. Thanks to Leslies relentless challenges on faith and intellect, I received my Bachelors and she continues to hold me accountable after all of these yeas.
    To be honest I was a little jealous when I found out that I wasn’t the only lost soul that she’d adopted into her family as her son. I failed to mention that when we met, we were just two coworkers working at the same warehouse. I was the guy who had no immediate family in the state that I was living in, that spent thanksgiving alone at Jack in the Box one year.

    Leslie is sixty plus years’ young, and still chooses to use her talents as a therapist to restore those within the community. The people that this ever evolving, time conscious, sometimes cruel world has forgotten. These are the people that have steadily been her focus for years with little to no gratitude or expectation. She continues to depict through a lifetime of servitude that age makes no difference in our responsibilities to one another. I’m always joking with her, because I call her the lifelong student. We’re always discussing her latest degree, or the nonprofit organization that she plans to open. There is no limitation that she accepts as the answer. “There’s always a reason for the season,” is one of her favorite quotes. Did I mention that Leslie is disabled herself? Every day she continues to fight an uphill battle while motivating others to reach a platform that they themselves cannot see.

    Now I’ve read many of the comments submitted by other contestants, so I fully expect this submission to be overlooked. There are plenty of deserving people in the world that just want to be shown the love that they themselves are willing to give. I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you.

  • Clay Jackson

    So this is kind of crazy. I’ve only recently started viewing Rubia’s post. She is such an impressive woman. And inspiring. As a Christian I always say I live by my testimony. I share my story so others can learn from what I’ve been through. Especially the young people I get to be around through coaching and teaching…Anyway here is my story I will try to keep it as short as possible…I dated someone off and on from the time I was 14 years old. We had kids at age 17, 21, and 24. We got married when I was 28 years. It was a very hostile and controlling relationship. Most people think men can’t be the ones abused in a relationship but that’s not true. That’s part of my story I share when I can. I lost most of my family and friends and was isolated. After 6 six years of marriage I got the strength to leave the marriage. I stayed for so long because I wanted the kids to have their dad in the house because I grew up from divorce at a young age. After the divorce I found out that none of the children where biologically mine. She had used the kids to control and manipulate (remember this is the short version). By this time I barely had enough time to repair my relationship with my father as he was suddenly dying from prostate cancer at age 55. I was stunned. I share this story as well. Life is too short. I run sporting ecents whenever i can to raise awareness for prostate cancer. After all that I blessed enough to get remarried. She had also come from an abusive relationship. Our families where friends so we leaned on each other alot during our divorces and fell in love. We thought everything would be perfect. But that was far from the truth. Blending families is very hard. My kids from my first marriage no longer talk to me although I primarily raised them. After over 5 years of trying and almost giving up my wife and I had our first child together. Our daughter Dallas, born 15 years from the next closest sibling. My wife and I will be celebrating our 10 anniversary this year. Not just 10 years of marriage, but 10 years of recovery from damaged hearts. 10 years of rebuilding our life’s. To be honest we were probably not ready to get remarried when we did. But although very hard at times it has been worth it and I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else. She is my angel from heaven. She helped save my life….but the reason why this ScholarSHIP would be such a blessing to us is because we have had a lot of financial struggles and having to rebuild our life’s we never got to experience a honeymoon or take a true vacation. We’ve also have always wanted to take salsa or tango dance classes. It would be the best of all worlds and a true blessing for my wife and I to take part in this experience. My wife really deserve it, and meeting Rubia would be icing on the cake! That’s my story. Everyone stay strong, have hope, and God Bless.

  • Jose Manuel Hernandez

    Who am I?
    I am not a statistic! I can sit here and tell you how I am a survivor. I survived growing up in domestic violence. I survived growing up in emotional abuse. I survived growing up in poverty. While all true… a victim of circumstance, I chose different for myself. Where many fall into drugs, alcoholism, violence, welfare and etc., I chose to depend on myself and become a productive member of society. To be more than a just a survivor. Predominately everyone is a survivor. It is an innate human characteristic to survivor, but it takes a certain effort and will power to not be a statistic. That is who I am, not a statistic. I put myself though college and became a first generation college graduate. I have been blessed to have an IT career spanning over 11 years now. I am even an entrepreneur having started my own IT services business a little over two years ago. And for recreation, I dance, swim, karaoke, bowl, paint, crochet and more.

    How has ADC changed my life?
    I was blessed to be able to go to ADC 2014. It was such a great experience! So many firsts all wrapped into one, e.g. going to Miami, The Bahamas, on a cruise, new foods/people, and etc. ADC changed my life in so many ways. Never in a million years did I think a sheltered poor boy, who grew up in a challenging home to say the least, would have the opportunity to explore the world, meet new people and indulge in his dance passion. I learned that I deserve to splurge on myself. I deserve to get away, see the world and meet new people. So having the opportunity for ADCLA would continue just that as I have never been to Long Beach, CA nor Ensenada, MX. I have been longing for another ADC experience!

  • Chandra Weymer

    My name is Chandra, First I want to say I love all your videos. You are a true person that lifts me up when I’m down and you have so much knowledge. I’m currently going to school to be a nurse, I’m a single mom who is just trying to make it and show my kids anything is possiable, you make your life out of you success and some just isn’t in the cards for some but I will thrive until I make it to the end. My biggest role model is my mother she has always been there for me she is also a single mother and I thing she did a pretty good dang job of raising my brother and I. I would love to take her somewhere quiet and be able to spend time with her. We had a scare a few months ago and I’m thankful it turned out to be nothing serious but it scared the you know what out of me. It really makes you stop and think how long do our parents have. She’s the one who always has everyone’s back and takes people out of vacations and I want to give back in some way. Yes I do what I can but I feel it’s never good enough because she is just that great of a person she is my everything. She spends so much time working and so do I but we never really get to see each other we are so tired and run down we forget to talk once in a while. She lives 20 minutes from me and we still can’t have one on one because our lives are so busy so this right here what your offering would change my life and hers just to be able to spend time together. Thank you so much for opening your door to this opportunity I greatly appreciate you in every way. Thank you thank you thank you. Best of luck to who wins.

  • Lacy Pepperman

    Hey Rubia!

    I have been following for you about a year and love your posts. They are filled with passion and so much truth and education. They are filled with facts. Something that is missing in our current political climate, unfortunately.

    I’m going to be straight up honest, in that I am unaware of what ADC actually is, but what I have read it sounds like an amazing opportunity. During the time that I attended a local community college, I chose to take dance classes as my credit for gym, and absolutely loved it. After the semester was over, I actually went to the professors home studio and continued dancing with her among many others, in the basement of her home. Those hours swept me off my feet and took me into a world that was calm and beautiful. And I need that more than ever, at this point in my life.

    I’m about to be 36 on February 11th, and the idea of going over the hump of 35 frightens me. Probably not like many assume that it would. The reason being is for the 3 1/2 years I have been fighting a battle with my own body.

    A little back story. I was the first person on both my maternal or paternal side, to accomplish obtaining a bachelor’s degree. It is something that I am proud of, fought hard for, and it can never be taken away from me. I graduated in 2011, with my bachelors in International Studies with a focus in Human Geography and a minor in Geography. Then in 2012, I applied to the only graduate institute I wanted to go to, and was accepted into the program. I was making my dreams come true. I was getting ready to go back to school after the summer break, in 2013, when I was suddenly struck with intense pain that landed me in the emergency room. When they were doing routine checks, they had found lesions inside my liver and spleen, that resembled liver cancer that had metastasized to my spleen. Being stubborn, like I am, I went back to school. I had to finish my last semester of on campus work, before I would do the internship than my thesis paper and presentation. But the pain got so bad, that I had to take medical leave from school and focus on my health. In March of 2014, I had a liver biopsy. The biopsy results showed, in July 2014, that I did not have liver cancer, but a rare chronic auto-immune disease, called Sarcoidosis. For 10 months, I was fearful that I had liver cancer, and would die within 5 years. That changed me. But to be diagnosed with this chronic auto-immune disease, comes with it’s own battles. Basically, my body attacks itself, healthy organs and all. Since 2014, I have been diagnosed with 5 chronic conditions. Conditions that have landed me in a place of stagnation. I have been forced to move back in with my parents. I have upwards to 15 appointments a month. I’m unable to work, and have been fighting for temporary disability. I have to take multiple medications. And some days, I don’t want to get out of bed. But most of that is due to the depression and anxieties I have because of all of the health issues I have been dealt with, in such a short period of time. Some days I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize myself. I see a glimmer of a woman who used to be within inches of getting everything she ever wanted. And it’s startling sad.

    But, this year…I told myself that I am going to try and regain some of that spirit I lost. Fight for the things I want most. Because that’s who I am. I am a fighter. It’s the reason I went into the field I did, because I have so much fight…I fight for those who need help getting their voices heard. I sculpted my masters program around human and environmental rights. Which is how I found you. I saw one of your videos, and was like, “Wow, she is my spirit animal.” So, the question remains, “How can ADC change my life?” I believe that if given the opportunity to participate in this cruise, it will spark my inner fire. It will bring out the soul of who I am, while allowing me to escape, and just live in the moment. I need a break to be free. And I have never felt more free than when I was dancing. I want to look in the mirror and see the reflection of woman achieving her dreams, just at a different pace, and she’s completely happy with herself. I believe this opportunity can bring that out of me.

  • Shelby Franz

    Hi Rubia❤ First of all I think you’re an amazing voice for many of us frustrated Americans out there. I am a 44-year old single lady and a proud mom of a 20 year old daughter who is the best thing I’ve ever done! I’ve worked hard all my life and if I had an opportunity to go on this trip, wow that would be amazing! I bought a Groupon a a while back and really enjoyed the merengue, salsa and the cha-cha, oh and the waltz too!! Thank you and pick me! Xoxo

  • Inas Daaja

    I would like to nominate my sister . She lives in Ohio she is newly married. However, she struggled alot in her life before in jordan . And she left her family to build a new family in a new country knowing nothing about it . I want he r to experience the best time in her life in America
    As I believe she adores dancing 💃 and it is the only way to forget any bad moment. I would be greatful if you gave my sister this chance . She deserves it. she has a sweat heart ❤️

  • Randy

    Hi Rubio, how you doing? First off this flippin awesome what you’re doing. Much respect and appreciated. My name is Randy, I have been dancing since I was a kid. House parties, weddings and then school dances. Sometime in high school I started street dancing and met learned a little something from the Rocksteady Crew from NY. So I kept up with that until I graduated from high school and then I was convinced to try a dance class in college. Friends from school and myself took the class and a whole new life began. A whole bunch of us got together with the teacher and created a dance company and we performed all kinds of places different cities universities and various auditoriums. My best friend and I kept with this, he did his style and I did mine, we learned all styles of dancing. When we were not rehearsing or performing he and I would go out dancing at all kinds of clubs and bars. One night the both of us saw this girl in a Cantina that we have never seen before and I told him I was going to marry her and he said not if I get her first. Long story short she said no to him we started talking dating and got married. We had a couple of kids and I stopped doing what I loved for her and the kids. After 14 years, I learned that there was something that wasn’t right. She decided to leave and I went to my best friend and he was nowhere to be found. And now they are married. How’s this for a country song? I lost my wife, kids, best friend, and house. Today, I ask myself, what do I miss more? Wife, best friend, or dancing. I see my kids and I am a big important part of their lives. I still mess around dancing, but miss it like you wouldn’t believe. I’m outa shape, hurt knees, but I can still move and groove. I’ve never been on any type of cruise. They go on vacation every year and have gone on a couple of awesome cruises. Alot of times I say I’m not deserving, but when I heard your little video, I told myself, why not. What do I have to lose? And I would kill two birds with one stone. Not mention meeting all kinds of new and different people. And of course, you. If my daughter wasn’t a young and inexperienced at life girl, I would totally nominate her way before me. So being single, no ties and in need of some sort of dance fix, because I have a major case of boogie- itis, all I can ask is, consider me. God Bless and thank you. <

  • robert

    I’m a LA resident pet business owner with roots in nola and other places who thinks it would be fun & great to dance with new people

  • Rita Hester

    I’m a 41 yr old single mother of a 13 yr old boy. I work tons of hours and never have time for myself. I’ve kind of gotten into a funk, and I think if you choose me , the experience will definitely help get me out of my funk.
    I admire everything you do, and have to say politically..

  • Hugh A Marshall

    Welll….. what I can say is we have surface similarities. I was homeless and I was married. Throughout my life, including my family, I’ve been at service to others. People are drawn to me and from that we have very serious conversations which can be very draining. I’ve never went to school for being a counselor or a therapist but people feel I’m qualified LOL. I truly feel we are all we got and to save another is to save yourself. As to why I need this cruse…. My separation has put me in a place in my life where I find myself staying busy to fill a void of loss and purpose. I have four kids and they spend most of there time with there mom. I’m a family man by nature, so I’m sure you can understand the pain of separation and the feeling of failure due to my circumstance. What I’ve learned is perfection is a goal that can be the death of a soul when the love of one self is ignored. I TRULY NEED THIS!! I say this because I feel it is time for me to live and enjoy life for me a little. To be honest I would have some difficulty doing this because of always thinking of others first and myself second. Well damm that!! I deserve this truly. I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise and I love to dance. I don’t know much about ADCLA but it sounds like fun and would love to be part of it. Thank you for the opportunity and I will continue “teaching lyfe ;)”.

  • Leonard O. Lassiter SR

    Retired Vet, married to my soulmate Harvetta, we have 12 children 9 of which are living with us. We run a Non-Profit Organization to teach entrepreneurship to the youth and released felons. My Consort left the corporate world and sacrificed what some would say was a comfortable and prosperous career in 2009 to homeschool 9 of our 12 children. We are still homeschooling with 5 more to go. I truly believe that this cruise would give us the opportunity to spend time on just us because we sacrifice and pour so much of ourselves into our children and community. It had been a long time since there was anything that was just about us. We want to take dance lessons together and this just seems like the perfect opportunity to do both.

  • Kim Arthur

    Dancing through life, love, adversity and loss.
    All about my 23 year old daughter.
    I have never done anything like this before nor am I very good at writing or putting feelings into words but I really feel driven to give this a shot. Not for me but for my 23 year old daughter, Emah.
    A little backstory, so please bare with me. (Excuse any grammatical/spelling errors)
    I will start with the birth of my beloved children. I have Emah of course but I also have a son (21 years old) also. Just three months after the birth of my son their father and I separated and divorced. I would like to think I have done everything in my power to provide and love them both through the years but life has not always been easy for them. Their father remarried and moved over a thousand miles away having little to really nothing to do with them. In 2005 I became very ill. It took close to two years, multiple doctors and repeated ER visits along with hospital admissions to get a diagnosis. I choose not to share my diagnosis because this is not about me but I will say that I am still to this day battling my life altering illness. From the moment I became ill my kids began a new journey in life as caregivers. I have not been able to work and provide for them as most parents do. You know, the new cars at 16, the college tuition, on and on.
    Now the reason for this submission. At a young age my daughter Emah displayed a passion for dance. You know the typical ballet, tap and jazz classes and recitals. She is a performer through and through. In the sixth grade she auditioned and was accepted to a performing arts school. Every year she would audition for the annual musical\dance performances and receive various parts. Due to my illness as time went on in the latter part of high school she had to withdraw from this school. She enrolled in online courses and also dual enrolled in the local college while taking on full time employment and also making sure I was at all of my medical appointments caring for me. (I could no longer work) Did I mention she also volunteered on the pediatric patient floor at our local teaching hospital. She has knitted beanies for cancer patients. But still in any other free time she continued to dance. Any kind-any where. Salsa, country line dancing, jazz, hip-hop….It was her outlet, her release, her passion. In 2012 (age 18) we lost the only home her and her brother ever knew. We found a place to rent and moved. Emah continued to be the glue holding everything together. She was hired as a server at a new upscale restaurant and worked to take care of bills. This took up 98% of her time. Therefore no time for dance. On a positive note, she met a very special young man. He was one of the managers who was brought in from out of town to open the restaurant. This young man knew no stranger, was kind, loving and cared about every person he met. Not even exaggerating. Anyway, they fell in love. In 2014 they moved two hours away and my son and I had to move to my parents and share an eleven foot by eleven foot bedroom. It was hard to let her go but she deserved to be happy. She was able to get back into college with the goal of finishing up pre-requisites and apply to nursing school. Planning on becoming a pediatric oncology nurse has been a goal of her forever. She became a fulltime bartender at a seafood restaurant. She was very busy enjoying her new life making future plans of marriage and children.
    Really trying to keep this short… Fast forward to January of 2015. When arriving home after working a double shift she found her life partner on the floor unresponsive. Two days later he was pronounced brain dead after suffering a massive stroke. You can do the math but she was only 21 at the time. His memorial service was filled to maximum capacity at a large historic cathedral here in Florida with people from all over the US paying their last respects. (An annual charity golf tournament has been established in his name to award high school senior applicants college scholarship funding.) I will never forget her saying at his memorial service that this was where she was supposed to walk down the aisle for their wedding not to say goodbye. From January through August of that year until their lease was up I stayed with her. I watched her suffer. I watched her mourn. I watched her go through the motions daily just existing. Nothing prepares a parent for this. It was such a tragic loss and I was afraid I was losing her as well. She lost weight, seeming to wander hopelessly day in and day out. She began writing a blog of her journey through mourning that many people now follow. I invite you to please at least briefly skim through it, as it is also why I am entering her in this. It is titled Chapters after Loss at . Refer to the oldest dates and work your way to the current.
    Now back to dance. Being in a bigger city until that August and after starting her blog she found dance again. She randomly went to a class and started practicing again. One of her goals prior to his death was to try out for the local NFL cheer dance squad or and NBA squad. She still plans on working towards that. She began making short videos and choreography. She would look for Latin/Salsa places. She would look for hip-hop classes; anything just to dance.
    Well after that August she moved back to our hometown. She found a place to rent and the three of us are together again. She is back in college, working fulltime and will be applying for nursing school this fall. She is once again carrying the load of making sure I am cared for. Making sure our bills are paid. She has little free time once again for dance but has sought out groups/classes here. They are few and far between so I have suggested she start her own. Dance in any form is Emah’s release. It is her freedom and brings life to her. She has little to virtually no time for it but manages to squeeze it in recruiting others along the way.
    Emah has done so much for our little family and while experiencing negatives continues to find the positives. I wish she could just have a short break/vacation so to speak. Time for her. We tried to save up for a little family vacation but it just didn’t happen. I wish she could just dance through life because it gives her so much joy and in the end that is what I wish for her; joy, happiness and a place of peace.
    I again invite you to skim through her blog from beginning to end. You will see why I am hoping you will consider her for this opportunity. Her words will bring you to tears make you smile and open your eyes to what really matters in life.
    (Not sure how I could get her to California from Florida but hey where there is a will there is a way.)
    Thank you, her proud 53 year old ill mother.

  • Joseph Jones

    Hello my name is Joseph and I am a follower of your purpose I’m writing you because I would like to have opportunity to take a cruise and have fun in the last 10 years I have become disabled I am legally blind and I still feel blessed because I still can’t function. My ex-wife decided that she no longer wanted to be married and take care of me or if she put it the responsibility needless to say it was heartbreaking and depressing however I’m out of the woods and I can see clearly now I feel great and I am inspired I am a deacon in my church and I have spent my life coaching and mentoring kids just once I’d like to do something for myself and since I noun am on disability I only own one third of what I used to so I had to downsize and fit by life into button come and one of those things that I had to leave behind where’s the ability to do things like take cruises and other things for myself my youngest son is in a prep school in Baltimore Maryland so this is where any extra funds go to my middle son is a u.s. marine and my daughter is pregnant with my first grandchild so Rubio this is not a polo play for pity I feel so blessed and I’m so happy I just wish I could have for it to go on a cruise

  • Pete Reeves

    Hello, after reading the stories posted on here, I truly feel there are several stories that are much more worthy for this opportunity then mine.

    My heart goes to many of the people and families in these stories. 🙏

  • Pete Reeves

    Hello, after reading the stories posted on here, I truly feel there are several stories that are much more worthy for this opportunity then mine.

    My heart goes to many of the people and families in these stories. 🙏

    Thank you all for allowing us the privilege of hearing them.

  • David Rodriguez

    NOW THAT I CAN DANCE!!!! I just want to dance all day long!!!

    Wake up! wake up! Are you okay honey? Yah, I think so… no wait I
    can breath right. Man, I feel like the room is spinning. Do you need to go
    to the hospital? No, give me a minute please. Heres some water. Honey,
    your pillow is soaked! Your side of the bed is soaking wet. I’m feeling
    better. I will try to get in with my doctor in the morning, go back to bed
    sweetie I am feeling better.

    Hello Dr. W.D. office (name withheld). Yes my name is David
    Rodriguez and I am a patient of Dr. W.D. I would like to see if I can come
    in as soon as possible to see him. Sure, let me see if their is an opening
    today. Hello David? Yes. He is all booked for today but he has a
    cancelation that just came in for tomorrow at 8:45am, would you like to
    come in then? Yes, Please.

    Hello David, what brings you in today? Well Doctor, 2 nights ago I
    woke up because my wife shouted at me to wake and told me that I was
    gasping for air. I woke up in a heavy sweat and felt like my chest was
    ready to explode. My lips felt numb and my arms and legs felt very heavy.
    I tried to get up but I felt like the room was spinning. I’m just very afraid
    and want to know what’s happening to me. Did I just have a heart attack
    doctor? Well David I don’t know we need to run some test and make sure
    that your levels are OK before making a determination as to what is going
    on. I’m gonna schedule you for blood-work and a urine analysis and we’ll
    go from there when I get the results.

    The date was September 23, 2014 this day is a day that I will never
    forget. The next words is what my doctor told me and it will forever ring in
    my ear and I always carry with me when I’m feeling unmotivated. He said
    “well David at 436 pounds I can almost guarantee you that you won’t live
    to see your 43rd birthday”.

    The next three weeks for the most trying weeks of my life waiting to
    hear back from the doctor as to what was going on. As he put me on
    heart medications and medications for cholesterol and a battery of other
    medications that I did not know what they were for I was popping these
    pills daily with the feeling that these will keep me alive. Test results came
    back that I had a mild stroke and the words that my doctor told me rang
    even more in the heart and ears. I kept on telling myself one day I will,
    one day I will make up my mind and go to the gym, one day I will get
    healthy again and be able to run and keep up with my children. As I kept
    on seeing commercials and listening to commercials about planet fitness
    I decided one day to check them out. After all, I was doing a lot of
    walking in the parks with my wife but every five minutes I had to stop and
    take a breath. After a few short months I went from walking and taking a
    breath every five minutes to walking for about an hour and feeling good.
    I would go to the gym and use the treadmill for about a half hour and I
    felt really gassed. I felt like I did not belong sometimes, but my wife kept
    pushing me and telling me that I can do it.

    After a few short months I felt stronger in my legs my pants started
    to get looser and I started seeing results in the mirror every morning, I
    was starting to shrink. I went from walking for five minutes to walking for
    an hour and then walking for a few hours and felt great afterwards.

    One day coming home from picking up my wife from work I seen a
    man running at the park, I turned to her and I said I promise you one day I
    will be able to run again I’m going to push myself to be able to run and
    not get tired. My wife turned to me and said I know you can do it it’s
    gonna take some time but I know you will be able to run again.

    I have kept the words one day I will in the back of my mind every
    time I set out to meet a goal. I start off by saying one day I will. Then I
    picture all the people doing what I want to do and keep that vision in my
    head. From 436 pounds to losing 10 pounds and then another 5 pounds
    and then after that losing another 3 pounds and seeing the difference
    and filling the difference this kept me motivated to do even more every

    I reached a point where I felt that I couldn’t do anymore in the gym
    or even walking in the park. This is when I reached out to a family
    member who I knew could whip me into better shape. I reached out to
    David Candalaria to ask him if he would take me as a client and help me
    reach my fitness goals.

    I told him from the beginning what happened and where I was at
    that point. I told him that I went from walking for five minutes to now
    running for about a half mile at that time and want to do more. He started
    training me almost a year after I joined planet fitness. And from that day
    forward I felt my weight was just falling off and I was regaining my health.

    As my doctor charted my weight loss over the years he has been
    very impressed as to what I was able to accomplish. From 436 pounds
    and losing almost 237 pounds without any surgery or any miracle pills or
    any fad diets I felt very proud along with my wife and kids about how far I
    have come in this journey of getting healthy. I am no longer taking any
    medications and truthfully I am in the best shape of my life full of energy
    and truthfully get very antsy when I do not go to the gym or do
    something that involves physical activity.

    I was never one to put off doing stuff that needs to get done and
    getting healthy to stay alive was something that I could simply not put off.

    Today I could run for about 2 1/2 miles without stopping and enjoy
    every minute I spend in the gym with Dave as my trainer and looking on
    other people and knowing that what they can do I can do. I not only say
    that but I also say one day I will do that better than you can.

    If there’s anybody out there that you’re reading this story and feel
    that you can’t reach your fitness goals I hope you will adopt my saying
    and tell yourself one day I will. It’s not easy but keeping your eyes on your
    future self and knowing one day you will get there and do things that you
    can’t do today is a reward and a journey that you should take no matter

  • Toni Congemi

    When I was little my mother became hooked on drugs. My dad cheated and they split up. My sister and I went to live with her. He set her up in a new location, hoping it would get her away from people places and things. Of course she found new people, new places, and many more new things to get into once she was far enough away. Eventually, while we were being babysat by her friends, she suffered a nervous break down while on a city bus and my sister and I were woken up at her friends house by our dad, grandpa, and uncle and taken away in the middle of the night.

    From that point on my fathers parents raised us, and gave us the best they could. Beautiful people really. My father lived in the basement apartment and always despised my mother for everything she did. We missed her so much, but we could NEVER tell him that. He was the man behind the book, magazine, or newspaper at the dinner table. The only phrase that comes to mind when I think of thise days is, “Children should be seen and not heard.” Such a sad concept and one I refused to bring in to my childrens lives when it was my turn.

    All too often I remember him talking to Nana and Grandpa about what a waste my mother was, right there at the table in front of us. “She’s a no good junkie, lesbian. She’good for nothing,” was just one of the things he would say. There was so much more. Then he would notice something simple like me having my elbows on the table and say, “Look at her. TAKE YOUR ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE!” That was never allowed. “SEE… SHE’S JUST LIKE HER MOTHER! NEVER TAKES ANYTHING SERIOUS.” I was just a little girl listening to her daddy talk about what a waste my mother was, and then listened to him say I was just like her. I loved and missed my mother so much. It hurt. It hurt alot. My eyes are tearing as I write about it.

    In my teenage years I began to rebell, as most teens do, but my parents had more than laid the ground work for all that was missing in my life. Dont get me wrong, my Nana was the absolute best! My Grandpa was too. They gave me as much happiness in my life as my parents gave the opposite. However, I always seemed to want my daddy’s approval, and missed my mom, as I stated earlier.

    When I was fifteen I was sitting on my stoop (step) in the Bronx with my sisters boyfriend. It was close to the 4th of July. I know this because I stood up from the stoop and went into the street to light a pack of firecrackers. A car pulls up, I step away to let them pass, and I get the suprize of my life when I look into the car window as it slowly drives by. Our eyes met and something in me just shuttered in awe. Was it her? Could it be her? I stepped back as she looked at me in the same awe as she drove by. So many years had passed. What if I was wrong? What if it wasnt her? I walked back to my stoop and my sisters boyfriwnd took one look at me and asked what was wrong. My sister was inside at the time. I looked at him and said, “I think my mother just drove by me.” He then turned white as a ghost and froze… Stiff as a board he asked, “Where?” I pointed in the general direction of the car. As it was pulling over on the corner the wondow slowly came down. This woman put her head out of the window and yelled out, “Toni???” It was her! I knew it but I froze and I couln’t move. I thought to myself, “Trish (my sister who was about 15 months older) she would know.” So I ran in the house to get her. By the time we both came running out the woman, my mother, was driving away.

    About 30 minutes later my Nana comes out ans says, “Girls, I just got a phone call from your mother and she is on her way here now….. The words just seemed to sit there in the air for me for a bit before my sister and I told her what had happened just a little while ago. She said, ” She drove away because she thought you were running from her.” Couldn’t have been farther from the truth. The truth was I was a little girl, preschool or kindergarden age maybe, when I lost her. At the age of 15 there were still times that I cried for her. I loved my Nana with all my heart. She is the best thing, outside of my children, that has ever happened to me. I just missed my mother and it ached my heart.

    When she pulled up to the house my heart was racing. When she got out and hugges us I was crying from sheer joy.

    From the time I was 12 I had begun drinking beer and some alchohol here and there. At 13 I added weed into the mix. At 15 pills (ups) was part on the coctail that grew and brewed in my life. At 16 I sniffed cocaine for the first time. Soon after I met my now ex husband and we danced and partied over the next two years and were married when I was 18.

    I got pregnant with our first child on my wedding night. We never gott to have a honeymoon. Our version of one was to unplug our phone and stay locked in our apaertment for three days. It was nice but I would have loved to have the traditiinal wedding and honeymoon thay every girl dreams of. Just was not in the cards for me I guess. Anyway, four months after my first son was born I was pregnant with my second son. After he was born I became pregnant with my daughter only two months later. When she was three months old he left. Drove away in another womans car while the sheriff was pad locking my door and evicting us in the snow. There I was twenty one with a three month old, a one year old, and a two year old… ALONE

    Over the next few years I became more involved in the drug addiction. I was what the Big Book called “The Functioning Addict.” I ran a home and took care of my children but there was another side to my life. I dated this guy and we were literally a regular Bonnie and Clyde. Anything that wasn’t nailed to the floor we took, even cars. Thank God I never went to jail because Lord knows I should have. That went on for about two years.

    At the age of twenty three I had enough. Smoking crack and sniffing heroin was just not for me. I went to rehab and never looked back. Drugs had become a thing of my past, but I will never forget where I came out from for sure…

    Being a single, young, mother of three children was not easy but I would not trade them for anything. They are now twenty seven, twenty eight, and twenty nine. Their teenage years was a huge challenge but we got through it together and they are all doing beautifully. My daughter even served seven years in the ARMY. If not for going to visit her I would never have seen the outside of NY. I am so oroud of them all.

    I have been with the same man for the past fourteen years and we are happy… I guess the basis/moral of the story is that no matter how hard life can be, dont ever give up on it. There is a light at the end of that very long tunnel and happiness is truely possible…

    As for why I feel this would be beneficial to me…. Well, as I stated above, I have not had the opportunity to travel as I dreamed. Visiting my daughter in Washington State to witness the birth of my grandson was the first time I had ever even been on a plane. I was 45 when that happened. On my 48th birthday I flew to FL to visit her again. She had moved there to finish college. A cruise has always been on my bucket list but funding it always seemed to be disrupted by every day life. I won a raffle once, and I was so grateful, but this would open up a whole new experience, and faith in the fact that… well dreams really can come true.

    I know this was long but I watched you live and thought, “You should try this.” Once I started writing it all just poured out. Win or loose, if my story inspired even one person, it will always be a win to me…. 😉

    Thank you for educating and inspiring… Continued Blessings To You In All You Do

    P.S. I tried to review for typos as much as I could.

  • karina perez

    Hi, to be honest i can’t compare to half of this stories.. god bless them all. I have been bless with a great family that has there ups and downs like anyone else. i hate to complain about life because shit happens and we move forward. I’m a single mother of a 10 year old daughter that has been fighting depression. i would love to go. i seem not to get out of the fog i been in. i know i’m strong but when you have alot come down and you think your not worth it. it gets hard, but like i said I can’t compare to half of this stories. its really awesome what you are doing. with everything going on in the world ..i’m sure we all need a vacation.

  • reyna vallejo

    Ms. Rubia,

    I want to nominate my friend Oscar Herles. He is the one that changed our lives. Oscar was the one that recruited us to ADC Miami, it was 6 of us when we started and last year we had 19 people from Connecticut attend. ADC changed all of our lives; we all forgot the worries and stress in our lives. Oscar Hereles is much like ADC, he wants to have fun and have people around him who love to enjoy life. Oscar is an amazing friend and we are so grateful to have him in our lives. Even when things are down he seems to lift our spirits, looking for a new adventure each time. Life is too short, not to enjoy it and he really does that. He still talks about ADC and is one of the biggest promoters for it. Because of him I have met some amazing friends, who do exciting things as a group, we are now the #CTsalseros, He is single and a father of two beautiful daughters. He loves to dance and seems to incorporate dancing with anything we do. He is a real go getter, motivator, great friend, great integrity, a leader, dependable, awesome dad and works hard. I think he deserves to win this amazing trip. There is no sad story here, just pure friendship, a person who is genuine. Hope he gets an opportunity to win.

    Thank you.
    Reyna Salsera Bachatera

  • Shaquan Godbolt

    Hey Rubia, my name is Shaquan (Shay). I have been dancing for about 7 years now and it has been the light in my life, Salsa being my forever dance love. Not too long after I began dancing my cousin, whom I call my brother, began dancing as well all the way over in Italy (our family lives in Alaska). Whenever he would come home we made it a point to go dancing with each other. I am still in awe at how, in two different parts of the world, we found this one thing that made us so happy and that we could share together. My brother always tried to make me step up my Latin music game, i.e, he wanted me to stop listening to Prince Royce constantly. He was the smartest, coolest, most down to earth person you could have ever met. Knowing your outlook about certain things in the world you guys would have been able to hold a conversation for hours. Maxie was bright in that way, and others as well. He decided to leave us this past fall. Since then I decided that I can’t keep putting dance on the back burner any more. I can’t keep saying I’ll do things later, I have now I need to live now. I’m back in the gym after gaining so much weight when I went to school. I’m going dancing (and lasting thanks to the gym), and I’m ready to get on a boat for the first time and hope to not end up like Rose and Jack. I’m terrified of many things about this trip and even if I don’t win I’m still going, come hell or high water. My brother would tell me to stop being a punk so I won’t be punking out on this one. Thanks for being such an inspiration Rubia!!

  • Lorse Gilbert

    My name is Lorse Gilbert and I am a 49 year old father of 5 year old triplets. We live in San Diego and our two boys, Elijah and Nathan, and our daughter Zoe are in Pre-K. My wife and I went to the same high school, but we were not friends. Fast forward 20 years later and I was walking through my church lobby at the Rock when I recognized this girl from my high school. We immediately hit it off and soon started dating. Six months later we’re engaged and on March 9, 2011 we got married. No longer than our honeymoon did we get pregnant. Since we were shortly going on a church mission trip to St. Lucia, we had a 7 week ultrasound where they saw two babies. We were ecstatic as my wife is a twin herself and has always wanted twins.
    When we returned from our mission trip we had our regular 12 week ultrasound. Unfortunately, I had come down with a bad sickness in St. Lucia and was bed ridden for about a week, unable to attend the ultrasound with my wife. She went alone and a very young technician was doing the ultrasound. About halfway through the checkup the young man stopped and said, “I think there’s three babies in here,” and my wife quickly replied, “you better shut up.” The young technician went to get a supervisor and they both returned to confirm yes, there were three fetuses. After 32 weeks and 5 days my wife gave birth to perfectly healthy triplets.

    My wife, Lisa, was 44 years old when she gave birth to triplets. Only two months younger than I am, she is now 49 and an amazing mother. She has always felt a sense of responsibility for her twin sister’s situation as she was born first and somehow took up all the oxygen from her sister, causing her to be born with severe Cerebral Palsy. Being bi-racial in the sixties to a white mother and black father, she was put up for adoption and was in the foster care system. She was adopted by a single white mother at 4 years old and was with Linda ever since. Being in the foster care system herself when she grew up she wanted to give back all she could. She studied hard and became a Social Worker for the County of San Diego. She has worked with teens involved in CSEC, which is human trafficking, for 20 years and is a specialist in this field. She constantly comes home from work broken and emotionally hurt from all the pain she sees going on the world. She deserves to have a break and has even asked me several times to go on a cruise. But, having been blessed with three kids we cannot afford it. I would love for ADC to allow me to give my wife a special surprise. She does so much for the community and asks nothing in return. If there is anyone that deserves it, it would be Lisa Gilbert.
    And finally, we have 3 children but still find the time to pursue our passions in life. I am a sports official for High School sports in San Diego for football and softball. Lisa is a stand-up comedian here in San Diego. She does local comedy clubs and even some in Los Angeles. So if I were choose we would be able to give back by putting on a comedy show for the passengers at no cost.
    Thank you for allowing me to share, you rock Rubia!

  • Amber rouse

    Hi my name is Amber started off my year kind of rough my mom had passed away on December 30, 2016 was a long roller coaster for her. It is been very hard for me to try to overcome losing my mom that she was my everything I talk to her every day I talk to her four times a day we called each other and I am still trying to deal with this hardest decision was for me when I had to turn off her medications for her at the hospital. Life is a big journey for me to get through the grieving process for my mother I Kinda am numb to life as I speak I think I more or less going through all of the motions of being here but I don’t think sometimes I am here. My mom was only 53 when she passed away she had a lot of spunk to her think she was alone because my grandmother died the year before that and my mom felt like she was so alone in life but I also feel like the hospital messed up on my mother but I guess I will never know . I kind of feel that a lot of people that are in my life are against me and are not helping me through the process but I need to be going through. This would probably give me a different outlook on life if I win if not there are some good stories that need it more than me. Thanks for the great opportunity .

  • Natalie Licheli

    Hi Rubia. First of all thank you so much for your kind heart and for giving us this great opportunity. My name is Natalie. I live in Americas happiest city San Diego. I want to share my inspirational story. I am a daughter of Georgian national dancer and a mother of Ballroom dance champion of USA . Dancing is huge part of my and my family’s lives. But thats not all, I experienced a miracle in my personal life through dancing. I am a registered nurse and 2011 I got seriously injured during patient care. Mentally complicated patient became violent and attacked me and to make long story short after two long surgeries I became wheelchair bound for two years. Nobody could believe that I would ever walk again. After year crying and being depressed I decided to change my attitude and work on my hopeless recovery on my own. First I started work on my upper body and then slowly started getting up and learn how to walk. My one leg was 5 cm shorter than the other one. As soon as I became little steady on my feet I went to “Majesty in Motion” dancing company and shared my story to my teacher Patrick Hernandes and asked him for help. I decided to dance for therapy and rehabilitation. Patrick helped me a lot. I was so happy to see my progress every day and dancing kept me going. After year and half hard work I was able to perform with “Island touch” of coarse with my teacher Patrick. I remember this day so well, after performance I went to the bathroom and cried for half hour from happiness that Life gave me another chance to be happy again. Since then I never stopped dancing. Today I dance Salsa and Bachata at “Majesty in Motion”, Kizomba and Belly dance at “A Time to dance” and Tango at “Queen Bee”. I dance almost every day and I couldn’t be happier. I feel great, my legs are the same length, went back to work and work as a Hospice nurse. I want to go to this cruise to celebrate my life all over again, take every workshop and dance day and night to spread the magic of dance. Thanks for reading my story.

  • Rudy Francis

    Here’s my story:
    Born and raised in the Republic of Panama for 21 years. Bilingual (Spanish/English), 6′ 3″, 260 lbs. At 21, I attended St John’s University in New York and graduated with a BS in Computer Science. Sowed my Panamanian oats until I hit the wonderful age of 33. 9/11 happened and I got my happy butt out of NYC. 6 months after 9/11 I met my 1st wife. Got married and became the proud poppa of 2 wonderful daughters who are now 12 & 9. Then all of a sudden my life got flipped turned upside down. Divorced after 13 yrs of marriage and have been living in baby momma drama land for the past 2 1/2 yrs. Despite shelling out $1,500 a month in child support, covering my children’s health expenses and being an active father who sees his kids EVERY OTHER WEEKEND and HOLIDAYS, this woman has made my life a living hell. A couple of highlights:
    1- She filed a bogus restraining order that prevented me from seeing, speaking or hugging my kids for 2 months before it got thrown out of court.
    2- Leveraged the bogus restraining order and got me banned from my children’s Elementary school (where she is a teacher) for 2 years. Ban recently expired last month. Yeah me!, but even after the order was thrown out of court, she REFUSED to give her blessing to rescind the school ban!
    3- She prevented me from attending a family reunion in Panama with the girls by not adhering to the divorce decree and assisting me in getting passports for the girls. She has since been found in contempt of court, but we missed the reunion, so big whup!!
    4- She constantly disrupts my plans with the children by scheduling events like dentist, doctor and hair appointments during the days I’m in town to be with them.

    I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Como dicen en America, “It’s NO BUENO!!” I think, NO I know that an Aventura Dance Cruise would be a major positive event in my life. I remarried this past November to a wonderful woman and it would a gift from the heavens if I would be honored with the opportunity to get away with her, enjoy the open sea, meet some wonderful people and get my dance on! An ADC cruise is the perfect way to get some stress free mental days off, leave my inevitable drama behind for a couple of days, dust off my rusty Latino dance skills and make some lifelong memories.

    I look forward to making SHIP happen with you and the ADC families one of these days!

    Cuidate! Keep the videos coming!!


  • Jesi armas

    Dancing is my freedom. If I dance I forget everything going on around me and in my life. I believe ADC could change my life! To just be able to dance for 3 days to live hot music is unimaginable. Your such a inspiration Rubia and your dancing is beautiful and free. I would love to be able to learn some new moves and party with some amazing people on this cruise.

  • Dianna McClary

    I am a single mother of two little boys, who works a full time job and a part time job and I am 2 years away from my bachelors in Education. I felt the need to get a degree in education and become a teacher because, I once wanted to be a lawyer but having two kids I realized that the change in the way our government runs needs to be completed through the next generations. I currently volunteer tutoring history in a local program called Upward Bound and Urban League for low poverty children attempting to get scholarships to go to college. I am going to teach in areas where there is a need to teach, or a shortage of teachers as that is where I believe the real change will happen. I started watching your videos in August and decided after hearing your story and the similarities even though we are worlds apart, decided to change my atmosphere, I found a local salsa teacher and started taking salsa and bachata lessons. However, my hectic schedule doesn’t allow me to do it as much as I would like. I realize when I become a teacher I will be living off a different budget so I am saving to buy a home for me and my children and don’t really get the opportunity to spend extra money on myself. I am praying a I win a trip to do something I love and dance nonstop for 96 hours! I want to make new life long friends as I have here locally. We have a small salsa scene here in Nebraska and I want to go and be able to come back and tell them stories so Nebraska in November will jump on the boat with me! Thanks Rubia! <3 Dianna McClary #futureeducator

    • Dianna McClary

      Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, La Rubia!

  • Kenika Jones

    Hello Rubia,

    I want to nominate my best friend, she tried to convince me to go on this cruise with her but I don’t dance. 🙂 However she has feel in love with salsa and I don’t know why, I do know she loves this thing though. She showed me your video and said to submit my story about how I don’t dance maybe I will win, I don’t want to though. I listened to your video and you said I can nominate so I nominate her Dianna McClary, she is the most caring and giving single mother I know, I read her story and she almost told you everything, She didn’t tell you how she was involved in a domestic violence event in 2016 and had to pack up and move she shipped her kids to Oregon for 3 months while she transitioned her and her kids whole life out of a violent situation. she slept on my couch for about a month while working 3 jobs she is now down to two and was in school the whole time. She helps tutor my kids cause I am also a single mom. Dianna wants to change the world and she is something special but she can never catch a break. I am hoping that you will see her heart and even though she made her story sound pretty, she has been through hell and back and still puts others first. I would buy her a ticket on that boat but I just cant afford it. I am hoping you will help my friend and if you want me there with her I will join her dance lesson classes. Thanks,

    Kenika Jones

  • Carlos Anthony Rivera

    I come from family where it was all about sports, and education. Growing up i was forced to do baseball because my parents thought “Dancing” was for girls. My thing was i loved to dance , i hear music and i just start dancing. My parents told me if i wanted to go to dance school i had to pay for it myself. Mind you while my siblings play baseball ,everything was paid for. At the age of 16 i started to work and i put myself in dance school. Every check i got went to my customes , my tution , my competitions , i wanted to be the best so i worked very hard. It wasnt easy because at the same time i was made fun of , bullied , called names like “faggot” “gay boy”, and much more. It emotionaly messed me up, and i didnt want to dance anymore. I was so messed up , i started to hang out with the wrong people and things just got worse. I felt like i didnt belong , i felt like noone supported me , so i gave up. It wasnt until i had a school teacher that was into dance , cheerleading and music. She was my guidence and helped me turned back to dance. She understood everything i was going thru , and she knew how talted i was and did want me to throw it away just because of other people. So i went back to dance and i knew i wasnt in this alone anymore, i had to be strong and keep on pushing. I worked harder but still felt like i was missing something , i felt like there was so much for to life and i didnt know what it was. It wasnt until i was introduced to ADC 4 years ago ,my first time going qas everything i didmt not expect. It was so much fun and unforgettable i went twice in a row and it was an experience i could not forget. I felt like i belonged , i shared the passion and excitement with every single dancer on that boat. It was a judgement free zone , everyone supported everyone , everyone danced with everyone , it was like a “Candy Land” for dancers. I never felt so alive , i felt like myself. The person ive been hiding for years finally came out , and i was comfortable showing people the real me. ADC boosted up my confidence on the dance floor and off. I started to find myself more and more. I got more and more into dancing that i found people that had the love for dance and support eachother around my area. I had the chance to go to my first dance congress , and go to many socials. ADC is a place where i recommend to anyone. This “Candy Land” will remind you what you are really missing in life. Every since i left that ship , ive been happyier, more outgoing, and more myself.

  • ADCNews

    So beautiful to read all these stories! Thank you all for sharing!! We will be selecting the winners over the weekend. Keep an eye on your inboxes on Monday =)

  • Lakeva gill

    I am a mom of two finishing school and working part time. I took my niece in who was premature while her mom spent the months in the hospital due to her appendix rupturing. The responsibility level heighten as I work an hour away from home had a heavy school load and rotated weekly therapy session for my niece. My sister was released the months later but needing so much care so they moved in with me. Juggling my own family caring for others working and school I have lost touch of self and knowing what free time means. This trip would not only be needed but a jump start on me being a piece of me back. I love music I love dancing. Yet to take Salsa classes the experience would be unforgettable and a great ending to me completing school.

    If I am not able to be a candidate I would love for my sister to go. She been through a lot have a baby for months early and spent six months up at a hospital daily. When the baby was final released and what seemed like normal living she suffered a ruptured appendix and nearly lost her life. Still suffering from some complications ffrom that rupture she is now on the road to recovery and trying to live her best life. It’s not a easy task as I watch her care for her daughter with aliments of her own. I believe this trip for her would be a much needed jump to feeling good about life. Often time circumstances and situations can bring you to a place where you feel stuck and if this trip cagoule pull her out I would love to see that smile on her face.

    Thank you for the opportunity and if it was just to express my story I’m grateful. Keep being the best you love watching your videos they bring life to many. God Bless

  • Darina Cooper

    Hello!! Well here goes nothing. I have debated submitting this all week and have finally decided to do so. In 1996 with two small children I left my husband to save my own life. I was in a very violent abusive relationship. I had no career and nothing more than a part-time job. After a couple of years of struggling bouncing from job to job to support myself and my two daughters a friend of mine told me I should become a teachers assistant so I could work when my children were at school and be home when they were at home. I did. Three years into this I was called to the principals office and told I was wasting my time as a teachers assistant and that I should go to school to become a teacher because teachers were born and I was born to be a teacher. I did! I began college in Spring of 2001 and graduated with a 3.7 GPA in May 2004. I was hired October 2004 in the Columbus Public School District and am currently in my 13th years of public education. Over the past five years the political imposition, state mandates and other bureaucratic nonsense that has steered education due to the allocation of $$$$$ my spirit for teaching has started to lose it’s fire. I have cried myself to sleep at night questioning and wondering if I can continue to do what I do under the conditions we are forced to work in. I recently started seeing a psychologist to help sort the feelings that I have. This year, more than ever due to the lack of support regarding discipline and the focus so heavy on testing I have nearly made the decision to walk away from something that I love to do for my own emotional and mental stability. I love teaching. I love watching the reaction on a child’s face when they get it. I love watching them grow and interact with one another. I am at a point in my career where I am torn between sticking with my craft because of the love I have for it or walking away due to the stress it causes. I feel that my time from mid-August to early June is consumed with my career and I have no personal life whatsoever. My dedication to my job has cost relationships and friendships to be lost and I know I shouldn’t let this happen but I have. Every year I say I’m going to focus on me with painting, working out or something that’s just for me. Every year I start and by October I’m consumed with work and let everything go. When I saw this opportunity I wondered if something like this would help. Being around others who fell the same stress and struggle as I do. Who knows but it’s worth a try. Thank you for taking the time to read my story! Many blessing to you all. ~Darina

  • will

    So many amazing stories! One can find life motivation just by scrolling through this page. Dance is Life 😉

  • GULCIN Ozsaylan

    I’m Gulcin and from Turkey. 3 years ago, I quit my amazing job, left my home,family,friends and country, I was always dreaming New York while I was watching my Brooklyn Bridge poster on my wall. One day I decided to give up everything I have and start to a new life. It was hard to take this kind of decision, especially if you are a woman in some countries like mine and never have gone to another country before.
    Although almost nobody supported my decision, I moved to United States with one luggage within a month. I even had no place to stay when I came to the airport, I didn’t know anybody who lives here and my English wasn’t good ( I still can’t say it’s perfect, but keep improving 🙂 )
    Everyone thought I’m crazy but I was just keeping say “Follow your dreams” to myself even it’s really hard. I have lots of horror stories including psychopath roommate, gunshots in the street, getting fired 3 times, changing home 5 times and more in my first 5 months. But I never gave up and I guess I passed all tests to survive in a dream city. Then I found a great job in a well known firm as an architect and my another dream came true. I designed one of the most famous high rise building after Empire State in Manhattan and became a NY architect officially. In the meantime, I was always dancing and had an awesome salsa family which was with me all the time both I had problems and celebrate my success. I’ve never felt alone in a foreign country thanks to them. I want to be with them to have a new experience and make unbelievable memories in Aventura Dance Cruise. Don’t give up to follow your dreams and dance more 🙂

  • Lavdjola

    I feel like this is late but I still wanted to share my story. I definitely enjoyed reading some of the stories here and hope everyone does with mine. FYI: Not a great writer!

    It was June 2003 when I left my country and my family behind to move to America. The land of opportunities and freedom! In a way it was very easy leaving the country because the idea was that once I moved there, I will be able to wear matching socks with no holes ( well my parents will be able to afford to buy me matching socks with no holes). I would be able to go to college very easily as long as my grades were good ( my parents wouldn’t have to pay the teachers money for them to give me the grades I deserved). I would be in this country that its environment and life style everywhere would be like the Bel-Air, Cali. Lol That’s what I saw on TV and I was so excited and looking forward to seeing that. The day I got off the plane was hectic. We had too many bags with us ( my mom even brought our Christmas tree, our ironing board all the way across the Atlantic ocean). She was worried we wouldn’t be able to afford to buy all these things! As we drive the roads of NYC from JFK, I look out the window and I am mesmerized and upset. Nothing looked like what I had seen on the TV. There were no suburbs with big houses and lots of land, trees, flowers but there were rats, bricks, scrolls, litter. OF-course I hadn’t seen the beautiful city (Manhattan) yet but our living environment was nothing like I had pictured! We had a wagon like apartment with roaches crawling into our bed and pillows and we shared the apartment with mice as well! There goes the first time media lied to a young, hopeful girl!
    As a kid who didn’t speak the language very much it was hard to make friends. It took me a few months to catch up in the language. Our first years in America where a struggle. My parents needed jobs but knew no English at all. My mom would take me to the streets of Manhattan and enter every concrete building and ask for a job for my mom! She ended up working at a factory for $4.50 an hour and my dad in construction for $60 a day while our rent was $1000. In my childhood years, I got very little chance to be a child. I would say that most of my childhood years I have been an adult and had to take care of my parents and brother. In Albania I helped my parents out with their grocery store. Every morning I would wake up around 430 am to take care of adult things ( I was in elementary school). In America I had to help my parents with finding a job (just in middle school), help translate everything for them and pay the bills, and of course the house hold chores like cooking dinner, cleaning the house, doing laundry ( at a laundromat). I ran the house until the day I left the house. This feels like I am complaining and I really don’t want to sound like I am complaining. While I missed out on being a kid, I think these were all great things that taught me a lot and prepared me for the real world as an adult. But, I do think I reached that point where I was tired of taking care of everyone and I need a break, so I joined the Navy at age 22. Unfortunately, after serving 4 years I had to medically separate as I developed a disability. I am very grateful for the things I experienced during my short term in the military as well as for the way it has and continues to take care of me as a disable veteran (Of-course there is room for improvement, but I think it can always be worse). I was able to earn my degree while having the Navy paying for it. My last 2 years in the Navy were very busy, I had a new born child, being a 24/7 sailor and going to school. Being first time pregnant was a very scary thing for me but I learned that just when we think we can’t handle any more in our time and life, we surprise ourselves. We don’t know what our limits are until we are tested more and more and I believe as women we surprise ourselves with how strong and capable and how much we can handle in our lives. I have to give credit to my husband though because he was a great support and did his part as a parent. While there are some great things that have happened in my life, one thing that really hurts me is my parents and brother not accepting my husband solely because of his skin color. This is truly very sad, especially when my parents have told me that they think my husband has lots of great characteristics and attributes and a part of them feels at ease that I am in “good” hands but after 4 years of marriage and a child my husband is still not allowed in their home. At first I thought they would come around especially when my son came to the picture but they have only visited us once when Nicolas (our son) was 1. I wished my mom was there when he was born but she didn’t show up. Now they have showed interested that they want to come visit but I have told them no because how can I allow them to our home (mine and my husband) when my husband is not allowed to theirs! This really breaks my heart and it is even harder since I talk to my mom on the phone very often. That’s about the only type of relationship we have these days. My son talks to her on the phone and is excited to but he doesn’t know how she looks like and I believe when he talks to her, he thinks he is talking to my mother-in-law. I don’t think my mom is aware of this and at times I wonder if I should let her know. This seems unfair both to her and my son. I have no idea how things will get as he gets older and starts to understand more. I was never taught to see color, in fact I didn’t start noticing race and realizing how racist America is against black people until a few years after living in U.S.A. I am surprised that my parents didn’t see this as a possibility as they know I don’t care about race, ethnicity, religion or economic status. It’s ironic because, my father always told me to go for a man who will treat you right even if he is very poor. I guess he didn’t think about race at that time. My husband seems to be handling this situation very well, me on the other hand I am very stressful and at times I get depressed because I deeply want this to work out the way it is supposed to be. I want my son to know my parents. I want him to learn my language better ( it is hard to teach him my language when I am the only person talking to him in the language and he spends most of his day at pre-school speaking and hearing English). It would be better if he was around my family. After almost 5 years of dealing with this, I would have thought I would be in a better place emotionally but this still brings tears to my eyes

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