Living Legends The New Swing Sextet at ADCLA

Who is The New Swing Sextet?

As I sit here writing this article, I find myself asking this very question. Who is the New Swing Sextet?
Well upon my search for information about them I found some of their videos on youtube and can clearly remember my Nuyorican friend’s family playing this music all the time including this song Revolucinando from the 1970s. When we were young at their family parties, the music was always hot and jumping. A mix of latin jazz with that soul and drive of those epic 60’s & 70’s Latin hits we grew to love. As I sit here listening to these tracks they remind me of the fun we had just watching all the adults jamming out to these amazing songs. Funny thing is the group is actually from New York, from a little area called “Spanish Harlem” just around the way from where I was born & grew up. These guys have been a staple of NY Latin Dance for many years and we are honored to have them on board the LA Aventura Dance Cruise this year.

History about the group

The group was first made popular by their performance in the Singer Bowl at the 1965 World’s Fair. Once they hit the mainstream latin clubs they were able to continue to be a popular and innovative exponent of Latin jazz, salsa and pop music for over five decades. Their music is a trip into an epic dance journey with the ups and downs and all the jazz needed to make their music a favorite of all dancers around the world. For an interview with the original band check this link out – Herencia Latina

The New Swing Sextet, the Latin boogaloo kings of New York started off with 6 members–hence the sextet. Today they have 7 members touring and will be a featured act aboard the Aventura Dance Cruise in LA this September 15th-18th. We are looking forward to burning the rug to their hits all night while enjoying the other artists aboard the cruise this year!

Check out their music on youtube – Video Playlist

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