ADC & Grupo Niche LA Cruise – Still at the Top When it Comes to Salsa

ADC & Grupo Niche LA Cruise – 2017

If you’re a “Salsero,” you most certainly know Colombia’s best-known Salsa band, Grupo Niche and if you’re a dancer you know about the ADC with Grupo Niche LA Cruise this September 15th-18th. The group was founded in 1980 in Cali, and they have been going strong and remain popular throughout Latin Americans all around the world. You don’t need to know their entire history to know some of their well-known hits, “Cali Aji”, “Sin Sentimientos”, “Una Aventura”, “Duele Mas”, and of course, “Cali Pachanguero”, among many more.

ADC & Grupo Niche LA Cruise – Still at the Top When it Comes to Salsa

From one of our Aventura Dance Cruise attendees:

“As a child growing up in a Colombian home, Grupo Niche was a must have on your music playlist. Those holiday parties and birthdays as a child always got going with some of their hit songs playing on the stereo while the food is being prepared for the festivities. All the kids would play while the parents would jam out to their music. When I think of Grupo Niche, I remember the fun we had as a family and the good times we shared listening & singing along to these songs. When I heard about the ADC with Grupo Niche LA Cruise, I immediately jumped for joy thinking of how many awesome memories their music has brought to me and how fun it will be to go on this cruise to hang out with them.  I immediately booked my cruise and will forever be a fan of Grupo Niche and Aventura Dance Cruise! –  ADC Miami Guest

What To Expect

The Aventura Dance Cruise Family is a big fan of Grupo Niche, and if you’ve been on any of our sailings recently, you sure got a great dose of their music. Last November ADC Miami guest enjoyed dancing to the beats of the group. If you’re onboard for ADCLA, they’re on the lineup! You’ll feel like you’re up close and personal with the band members:  Vocalists Arnold Moreno, Elvis Magno, and Yuri Toro, Musicians Juanito Murillo, Diego Camacho, Francisco Ocoro, Victor Gonzalez, Luis Carlos Ochoa and Fabio Celorio, Edgardo Manuel, Ramon Benitez, Javier Bahamon, Carlos Zapata, Oswaldo Salazar Ospino, and Jose Aguirre.

The beauty about having Grupo Niche on board is that you don’t have to know each member by name to get your salsa on. For ADC newcomers, here’s a taste of what it’s like to be Grupo Niche and to be onboard Aventura Dance Cruise. 

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